Legends of the 500

Lawyers who have made the Lawdragon 500 at least 10 times.

Lawdragon 500: The Legends (1-10)

That faraway prize. The world of success.

In 2015, we popped a bottle for our 10th anniversary by introducing our first group of Legends – 50 lawyers we had recognized for their craft all ten years of the Lawdragon 500 and who epitomized achievement in lawyering.

Dragons all, they are larger than life and illustrate the power and promise that can be achieved when a match is struck to ignite a piece of paper with will, dedication and passion. They never settle for less.

To that remarkable group we this year add 41 more lawyers who have made the Lawdragon 500 ten times, working-class heroes who represent the injured everyman; a Supreme Court justice who embodies the life of the law – and particularly a woman’s journey; and dealmakers and trial lawyers whose achievement lies not as much in their million-dollar bounties as in their ability to change the worlds of those fortunate few clients who summon their wisdom and skill.

They dare to try. They do it or die.

Straight up.

Extra dry.

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Mary Alexander

Mary Alexander & Associates - San Francisco (Photo by Annie Tritt)

This passionate advocate for the injured and oppressed is a role model for female trial lawyers and the opponent you never want to go against.

Riley Allen

Riley Allen Law – Orlando (Photo provided by the firm)

We’d say he breaks bad but he’s so good. Allen brings the same fearlessness to representing his clients that he does to catching the big waves and other causes about which he’s passionate.

Corinne Ball

Jones Day - New York (Photo by Greg Endries)

Has any lawyer had the impact Ball has with her mastery of bankruptcy in this era of distress? We doubt it, and respect her determination and drive.

Robert Baron

Cravath - New York (Photo provided by the firm)

A leader of Cravath’s peerless litigation corps, Baron is tops in securities litigation for JPMorgan, IBM and HCA in Chancery and an endless list of other prime-time suits.

Hilarie Bass

Greenberg Traurig – Miami (Photo by Josh Ritchie)

Bass is tops as a leader of her firm, her community and other professional organizations, including the ABA – at the same time her pro bono efforts threw out Florida’s ban on gay adoption.

Sam Baxter

McKool Smith – Dallas (Photo by Justin Clemons)

They call him Mr. Marshall – Texas, that is. It’s the seat of his power, but far from its reach – given the former state judge’s unbeatable record in IP and other tough trials.

Stephen Breyer

U.S. Supreme Court - Washington, D.C. (Photo by Steve Petteway)

The Bay Area native has served the country well for 22 years as a liberal-leaning justice who encourages thoughtful and active democracy while writing and speaking out on behalf of justice.

Bill Carmody

Susman Godfrey - New York (Photo by Erica Freudenstein)

This renegade Texas trial lawyer returned home to New York with his Susman Godfrey posse, and when disaster looms, he bets on the results of his clients' big ticket litigation.

Frank Darras

Darras Law - Ontario, Calif. (Photo by Amy Cantrell)

Everyman’s hero for his dogged, passionate and inspired advocacy for injured, elderly & disabled workers has recovered more than $800 million in wrongly denied insurance benefits.

Adam Emmerich

Wachtell Lipton - New York (Photo by Greg Endries)

The savvy and ridiculous smart Emmerich is one of, if not the best, global dealmaker on the planet with a footprint in more countries than you can name.

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