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Lawdragon Annual Print Magazine

The 2017 Magazine presents the latest Lawdragon 500 guide, as well as the Legends and Hall of Fame honorees. The magazine also features our guides to the Most Powerful Employment Lawyers and to 100 Leading Legal Consultants & Strategists, in addition to in-depth articles on major legal issues of the day. With more than 200 pages of features and the industry’s best photojournalism, Lawdragon’s annual Magazine is the ultimate page turner and who’s who of the legal profession.

Commemorative Plaque

2017 Lawdragon 500 Recognition Plaque

The 2017 Lawdragon 500 Recognition Plaque is a handsome, customizable way to promote and preserve your recognition.

The dimensions of the plaque are 11” x 16.5” on 5/8” thickness and each solid (4.8 lbs) premium plaque is elegantly handcrafted and finished with a unique lamination process that highlights the hardwood grain detail and provides a lifetime protective seal for your recognition.

Lawdragon Badges

Congratulations on making one of our annual guides! Get a stylish Lawdragon logo to place on your firm’s website or personal bio page.

The Lawdragon 500

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Most Powerful Employment Lawyers

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Legal Consultants and Strategists

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Online Offerings

Lawdragon Hyperlink

Lawdragon Hyperlink allows readers to “jump” from a professional’s name in one of our guides to a bio on website or another destination to learn more information.

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Attorney Q&A Profile

Our Q&A template is quick and easy to complete and produces a high-quality article about a lawyer’s career and practice. These articles perform well on web searches and are freely available to anybody researching the firm or attorney. Comes with a free PDF reprint.

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