Legal Consultant Limelights

Profiles of the legal industry's most trusted advisors.


Legal Consultant Limelight: Anita Shapiro

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Many legal professionals recognized by Lawdragon excel on the cutting-edge of their practice areas or specialties. Anita Shapiro’s task is…

Legal Consultant Limelight: Gina Rubel

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As a licensed lawyer and former litigator, Gina Rubel gets to pursue both her passions by providing marketing and public…

Legal Consultant Limelight: Lee Drucker

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Litigation finance may be a burgeoning area but the truly experienced and successful firms still form a finite group. Among…

Legal Consultant Limelight: Zach Olsen

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As our research for the 100 Leading Legal Consultants & Strategists guide made clear, the talented individuals who are truly…

Legal Consultant Limelight: Mark Jungers

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Mark Jungers made his initial mark in legal recruiting not in one of the big cities with seemingly endless streams…

Legal Consultant Limelight: Nancy Jessen

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To reach their full potential, corporate law departments must go beyond  delivery of legal services – while keeping costs under control…

How the Financiers of Burford Capital Are Transforming the Business of Law

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Burford Capital CEO Christopher Bogart. Photo by Laura Barisonzi. After a decade of seeking its voice, litigation finance has found…

Legal Consultant Limelight: Eilene Bloom

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The legal industry may be awash in legal recruiters, but only a tiny fraction enjoys the impressive reputation that Eilene…

Legal Consultant Limelight: Dan Binstock

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Doing the right thing – such as advising lawyers to decline an offer or accept another – can cost a…

Legal Consultant Limelight: Michael Talve

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It’s hard to argue with CEO Michael Talve‘s assessment that these are “very exciting” times for his company, The Expert Institute. The…

Legal Consultant Limelight: Jamie Diaferia

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Baby lamb on the outside, galvanized steel within. Those are the gloves as well as the technique embraced – if…

Consultant Limelight: Deborah Farone

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Deborah Farone at the N.Y. Public Library, where she is Advisor to the Chairman of the Board. Photo by Laura…

Legal Consultant Limelight: Burton Taylor

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Photo by Jason Dailey. Burton Taylor proves that nice guys can finish at the top of their profession, and also…

Legal Consultant Limelight: Terry M. Isner and Vivian Hood

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Terry M. Isner, President, Marketing & Business Development, and Vivian Hood, President, Public Relations, are considered two of the most…

Legal Consultant Limelight: Gerchen Keller Capital

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Photo of Travis Lenkner, Ashley Keller and Adam R. Gerchen by Michelle Nolan.  Three years ago, a trio of brilliant lawyers with…

Legal Consultant Limelight: Sabina Lippman

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“Best in the business.” “A game changer.” “The real deal.” My, oh my, has legal recruiting changed. Not so long…

Legal Consultant Limelight: Marcia Horowitz

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Marcia Horowitz says she has “always liked working with lawyers,” and it shows. The Rubenstein managing director was on the…

Legal Consultant Limelight: John Sweeney

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The role of technology within a law firm’s operations has never more been more important, or more challenging, with competition…

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