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Profiles of the legal industry's most trusted advisors.


Expert Institute’s Michael Talve Takes on 2020 With New Brand and Software Tool

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Michael Talve, founder and CEO of Expert Institute, is steering his company into 2020 with a fresh stance. Talve, who…

Legal Consultant Limelight: Natasha Innocenti

| Legal Consultant Limelights | No Comments

It’s always interesting to learn what executive recruiters – those seers of careers who see possibility more clearly than even…

Legal Consultant Limelight: Joe Macrae

| Legal Consultant Limelights | No Comments

A former solicitor in London, Joe Macrae made a timely move into legal recruiting. He co-founded a recruiting firm in…

Legal Consultant Limelight: Karen Kaplowitz

| Legal Consultant Limelights | No Comments

A long-time advocate for diversity in the legal field, and something of a savant in fostering client relationships, Karen Kaplowitz…

Legal Consultant Limelight: Divya Bala

| Legal Consultant Limelights | No Comments

Divya Bala is a Senior Managing Director at Lippman Jungers, the legal recruiting firm formed by Sabina Lippman and Mark…

Legal Consultant Limelight: Kelsey Eidbo

| Legal Consultant Limelights | No Comments

Infinite Global’s excellent reputation in the area of media relations and crisis communications is thanks in no small part to…

Michael Nicolas on Longford’s Litigation Finance Focus on Universities

| Legal Consultant Limelights, Litigation-Funders | No Comments

This is a story about that flash of insight when intelligence, creativity, experience and a lot of hard work combine…

Legal Consultant Limelight: Gulam Zade

| Legal Consultant Limelights | No Comments

Gulam Zade is CEO of LOGICFORCE, a legal technology services firm headquartered in Nashville, Tenn. Zade joined the firm as…

Legal Consultant Limelight: Ralph Sutton

| Legal Consultant Limelights, Litigation-Funders | No Comments

Ralph Sutton worked for nearly two decades as a trial lawyer before becoming a leader and an innovator in the…

Legal Consultant Limelight: John Garda

| Legal Consultant Limelights, Litigation-Funders | No Comments

John Garda is particularly well-suited for the world of litigation finance, having worked as a CPA for a Big 4…

Legal Consultant Limelight: Patty Morrissy

| Legal Consultant Limelights | No Comments

Patty Morrissy has built her career advising lawyers about their careers. Her long-standing reputation as a trusted career advisor to…

Legal Consultant Limelight: Daniel Kidd

| Legal Consultant Limelights | No Comments

Daniel Kidd, a former editor at Chambers, saw a need in the legal industry for a service dedicated to improving…

Legal Consultant Limelight: Andrew Saker

| Legal Consultant Limelights, Litigation-Funders | No Comments

As Managing Director and CEO of IMF Bentham, a global heavyweight in the world of dispute resolution financing, Andrew Saker…

Legal Consultant Limelight: Andrew Longstreth

| Legal Consultant Limelights | No Comments

Andrew Longstreth has a long history of creating content for lawyers. First as a journalist at The American Lawyer, where…

Deborah Farone Discusses Her New Book on Business Development and Legal Marketing

| Legal Consultant Limelights | No Comments

Deborah Farone could have relied on her own subject-matter expertise to write the definitive self-help book on business development for…

Legal Consultant Ted Scott Discusses “Law Rocks” Fundraiser for Nonprofits

| Legal Consultant Limelights, News & Features | No Comments

This week, Law Rocks USA will kick off another concert series – its 8th annual – showcasing the musical talent…

Legal Consultant Limelight: Mike Sitrick

| Legal Consultant Limelights | No Comments

To state the obvious: The world of public relations and crisis communications have had few legends like Mike Sitrick, the…

Legal Consultant Limelight: Katharine Wolanyk

| Legal Consultant Limelights, Litigation-Funders | No Comments

The journey from working on the stealth bomber to financing litigation isn’t one that Katharine Wolanyk planned. In hindsight, the…

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