We’re thrilled to introduce the newest addition to our acclaimed 500 series – the Lawdragon 500 Leading Plaintiff Employment Lawyers.

At Lawdragon, we could not think of a more timely guide than one that is helpful to workers. Our jobs are so much more than what we do to get by. They are an expression of our skills, a meal on the table and maybe a better school for our kids; a recognition of years of training, experience or the ambition of someone new to the workforce. And yet our work lives are tenuous – stress-filled, uncertain and sometimes unfair. The #MeToo era has illuminated anew workplace abuses, but trust us, they are always there, percolating below individual ambitions and dreams.

We’ve researched this guide for the past two years as we published our directory to the lawyers who represent employers. The plaintiff employment firms are led by Outten & Golden, which claims 17 slots on this year’s inaugural guide – thanks in part to a nationwide expansion over the past few years. Regional warriors for individuals are included, alongside noted trial lawyers who’ve won big for plaintiffs who’ve been discriminated against. Represented, too, are those who represent union members and insure fair compensation and benefits.

The 500 were chosen in our research-driven, journalistic process that vets the views of peers and competitors, and recognizes those who are winning big for workers just 10 or so years into practice, alongside an esteemed lawyer or two who’ve been fighting the battle for more than 50 years.

We are very proud of the new 500 and hope it will provide a resource for workers to stand up for what they do for all of us every day.

Name Organization Location
Vicki Lafer Abrahamson Abrahamson Vorachek Chicago
Michael Abram Cohen Weiss New York
Andrew Abramson Abramson Employment Law Blue Bell, Pa.
Ann-Marie Ahern McCarthy Lebit Cleveland
J. Bernard Alexander Alexander Krakow + Glick Los Angeles
Daniel Alterman Alterman Boop New York
Margaret Angelucci Asher Gittler Chicago
Leonard Aragon Hagens Berman Phoenix
Jeff Atchley Norwood & Atchley Memphis
Leman ‘Walt’ Auvil Leman Auvil Law Office Parkersburg, W.V.
G. William Baab Baab & Denison Dallas
Rebekah Bailey Nichols Kaster Minneapolis
Lisa Banks Katz Marshall & Banks Washington, D.C.
Sally Barker Schuchat Cook St. Louis
Kathleen Barnard Schwerin Campbell Seattle
John Beasley Jr. JF Beasley Attorney at Law Watkinsville, Ga.
Jonathan Jay Ben-Asher Ritz Clark & Ben-Asher New York
Tiffanie Benfer Hardwick Benfer Doylestown, Pa.
Barry M. Bennett Dowd Bloch Chicago
Harvey Berger Pope Berger San Diego
Steve Berman Hagens Berman Seattle
Lynne Bernabei Bernabei & Kabat Washington, D.C.
Jonathan Berns Dobson Goldberg St. Louis
Inga Bernstein Zalkind Duncan Boston
Michael Bien Rosen Bien San Francisco
Rachel Bien Outten & Golden Los Angeles
Maureen Binetti Wilentz Law Firm Woodbridge, N.J.
E. Troy Blakeney Blakeney Flynn Houston
Daniel Blanchard III Rosen Hagood Charleston, S.C.
Robert Bloch Dowd Bloch Chicago
Beth Barrett Bloom Frank Freed Seattle
Katherine Blostein Outten & Golden New York
Ellen Boardman O’Donoghue & O’Donoghue Washington, D.C.
Kathleen Bogas Bogas & Koncius Bingham Farms, Mich.
Jean Boler Schaefer Halleen Minneapolis
Arlene Boop Alterman Boop New York
Victoria Bor Sherman Dunn Washington, D.C.
David Borgen Goldstein Borgen Oakland
Warren Borish Spear Wilderman Philadelphia
Kirsten Branigan Law Offices of Kirsten Scheurer Branigan Nutley, N.J.
Lynne Bratcher Bratcher Gockel Independence, Mo.
Elaine Charlson Bredehoft Charlson Bredehoft Reston, Va.
Judith Broach Broach & Stulberg New York
Molly Brooks Outten & Golden New York
Thomas Brooks Meyer Brooks Tallahassee
Carla Brown Charlson Bredehoft Reston, Va.
Eric Brown Altshuler Berzon San Francisco
Louis Bucceri Bucceri & Pincus Bloomfield, N.J.
Edward Buckley Buckley Beal Atlanta
Harry Burnette Burnette Dobson Chattanooga, Tenn.
M. Malissa Burnette Burnette Shutt Columbia, S.C.
Heather Burns Upton & Hatfield Concord, N.H.
Joseph Burns Jacobs Burns Chicago
Richard Busse Busse & Hunt Portland, Ore.
Kathernie Butler Butler Harris Houston
Jane Legler Byrne Neill & Byrne Dallas
Alejandro Caffarelli Caffarelli & Associates Chicago
Kerry Cahill Sue Ellen Eisenberg & Associates Bingham Farms, Mich.
David Campbell Schwerin Campbell Seattle
Robert Carey Hagens Berman Phoenix
James W. Carroll Jr. Rothman Gordon Pittsburgh
Larry Cary Jr. Cary Kane New York
Lawrence Casey Davis Malm Boston
David Cashdan Cashdan & Kane Washington, D.C.
Jonathan Cerrito Blitman & King New York
Eve Cervantez Altshuler Berzon San Francisco
Lin Chan Lieff Cabraser San Francisco
Lewis Chimes Lewis Chimes Stamford, Conn.
Barbara Chisolm Altshuler Berzon San Francisco
Dean Christianson Schuchat Cook St. Louis
Denise M. Clark Clark Law Group Washington, D.C.
Julia Penny Clark Bredhoff & Kaiser Washington, D.C.
Miriam Clark Ritz Clark & Ben-Asher New York
Jennifer Clarke Blitman & King Syracuse, N.Y.
Arnold S. Cohen Oxfeld Cohen Newark, N.J.
Peter Cohen Charlson Bredehoft Reston, Va.
Steven R. Cohen Selikoff & Cohen Mt. Laurel, N.J.
Francis Collins Kahn Smith Baltimore
Roxanne Barton Conlin Roxanne Conlin & Associates Des Moines
Glen Connor Quinn Connor Decatur, Ga.
Stephen Console Console Mattiacci Philadelphia
David M. Cook Cook & Logothetis Cincinnati
Samuel J. Cordes Samuel J. Cordes & Associates Pittsburgh
Linda Correia Correia & Puth Washington, D.C.
Gregg Corwin Gregg M. Corwin & Associate Law Office Minneapolis
Terry Costello Schwerin Campbell Seattle
Jac Cotiguala Jac A. Cotiguala Chicago
Ben Crump Ben Crump Law Tallahassee
John Culver Benezra & Culver Denver
Irwin Cutler Jr. Priddy Cutler Louisville
Joel D’Alba Asher Gittler Chicago
Cornelia Ho-Chin Dai Hadsell & Stormer Pasadena
Linda Dardarian Goldstein Borgen Oakland
Frank Darras DarrasLaw Ontario, Calif.
Stuart W. Davidson Willig Williams Philadelphia
Susan Davis Cohen Weiss New York
Roberta de Araujo Johnson Webbert Portland, Maine
Victoria de Toledo Casper & de Toledo Stamford, Conn.
Lori Deem Outten & Golden Chicago
Name Organization Location
Sanford Dennison Baab & Denison Dallas
Kelly Dermody Lieff Cabraser San Francisco
Reena Desai Nichols Kaster Minneapolis
Kathryn Dickson Dickson Geesman Oakland
Rodney Diggs Ivie McNeill Los Angeles
Jerome Dobson Dobson Goldberg St. Louis
Christopher Dolan Dolan Law Firm San Francisco
Donald Donati Donati Law Memphis
Paul Donnelly Donnelly & Gross Gainesville, Fla.
J. Peter Dowd Dowd Bloch Chicago
Carl Draper Feldman Wasser Springfield, Ill.
Sarah Drescher Tedesco Law Group Portland, Ore.
Stephen Drew Drew Cooper Grand Rapids, Mich.
Brian Dunn The Cochran Firm Los Angeles
Ronald G. Dunn Gleason Dunn Albany
Lori Ecker Law Offices of Lori D. Ecker Chicago
Daniel Edelman Katz Marshall & Banks Washington, D.C.
Herbert Eisenberg Eisenberg & Schnell New York
Sue Ellen Eisenberg Sue Ellen Eisenberg & Associates Bingham Farms, Mich.
Stanley Eisenstein Katz Friedman Chicago
Molly Elkin Woodley & McGillivary Washington, D.C.
Karen Engelhardt Allison Slutsky Chicago
Daniel Engelstein Levy Ratner New York
Alan B. Epstein Spector Gadon Philadelphia
Alan Exelrod Rudy Exelrod San Francisco
Michael Fayette Pinsky Smith Grand Rapids, Mich.
Lynn Feiger Lohf Shaiman Denver
Brenda Feis Feis Goldy Chicago
Deborah Weiss Fertel Katz Friedman Chicago
Robert Fetter Miller Cohen Detroit
James Finberg Altshuler Berzon San Francisco
Michele Fisher Nichols Kaster Minneapolis
Stephen Fitzgerald Garrison Levin-Epstein New Haven
Kelby Fletcher Stokes Lawrence Seattle
Patrick Flynn Blakeney Flynn Houston
Michael Four Schwartz Steinsapir Los Angeles
Steven Frank Frank Freed Seattle
Brice A. Fredrickson Webster & Fredrickson Washington, D.C.
Andrew D. Freeman Brown Goldstein Levy Baltimore
Andrew H. Friedman Helmer Friedman Beverly Hills
William Frumkin Frumkin & Hunter White Plains, N.Y.
Ernest Galvan Rosen Bien San Francisco
Joseph Garrison Garrison Levin-Epstein New Haven, Conn.
Carol Garvan Johnson Webbert Portland, Maine
Donald Gasiorek Gasiorek Morgan Farmington Hills, Mich.
Malinda Gaul Gaul & Dumont San Antonio
Rachel Geman Lieff Cabraser New York
Victor George Victor L. George Law Offices Torrance, Calif.
Narendra Ghosh Patterson Harkavy Chapel Hill, N.C.
Carol Gillam Gillam Law Firm Los Angeles
Hal Gillespie Gillespie & Sanford Dallas
Joseph Gillespie Gillespie & Sanford Dallas
Jack Girardi Girardi Keese Los Angeles
Fred Gittes The Gittes Law Group Columbus, Ohio
Amy Gladstein Gladstein Reif New York
Bradley Glazier Bos & Glazier Grand Rapids, Mich.
Gail Glick Alexander Krakow + Glick Los Angeles
Marie Gockel Bratcher Gockel Independence, Mo.
Nathan Goldberg Allred Maroko Los Angeles
Joseph Golden Burgess Sharp Clinton Township, Mich.
Jon Goldfarb Wiggins Childs Birmingham
Eileen Goldsmith Altshuler Berzon San Francisco
Barry Goldstein Goldstein Borgen Oakland
Joyce Goldstein Goldstein Gragel Cleveland
Jill Goldy Feis Goldy Chicago
David Frederick Gomez David Frederick Gomez Carmel, Calif.
Lisa Gomez Cohen Weiss New York
Richard Gonzalez Richard J. Gonzalez Chicago
Philip Gordon Gordon Law Group Boston
Tamara Gowens Hammons Gowens Oklahoma City
Susan Gragel Goldstein Gragel Cleveland
Jon Green Green Savits Florham Park, N.J.
Cara Greene Outten & Golden New York
John Griffin Jr. Marek Griffin Victoria, Texas
Laura Gross Donnelly & Gross Gainesville, Fla.
Gay Crosthwait Grunfeld Rosen Bien San Francisco
Jospeh Guerrieri Guerrieri Barton Washington, D.C.
Barbara Hadsell Hadsell & Stormer Pasadena
Loretta Haggard Schuchat Cook St. Louis
Toni Halleen Schaefer Halleen Minneapolis
Andrea Hamm Miller Cohen Detroit
Mark E. Hammons Hammons Gowens Oklahoma City
D. Michael Hancock Cohen Milstein Washington, D.C.
Chad Hansen Maine Employee Rights Group Portland, Maine
Virginia Lee Hardwick Hardwick Benfer Doylestown, Pa.
Donna Harper Sedey Harper St. Louis
Margie Harris Butler Harris Houston
Genie Harrison Genie Harrison Law Firm Los Angeles
Jill Hartley The Previant Law Firm Milwaukee
Timothy Hawks Hawks Quindel Milwaukee
Victoria Hedian Abato Rubenstein Baltimore
Matthew Helland Nichols Kaster San Francisco
Marisel Hernandez Jacobs Burns Chicago
Christopher Hexter Schuchat Cook St. Louis
Anita Hill Cohen Milstein Washington, D.C.
Janet Hill Hill & Associates Athens, Ga.
Kent Hirozawa Gladstein Reif New York
Laura Ho Goldstein Borgen Oakland
Denise Hoggard Rainwater Holt Little Rock
Allan Holmes Gibbs & Holmes Charleston, S.C.
Name Organization Location
Nicole Horberg Decter Segal Roitman Boston
Sarah Riley Howard Pinsky Smith Grand Rapids, Mich.
Evan Hudson-Plush Cohen Weiss New York
Scott Hunt Busse & Hunt Portland
Kristen Hurley Gordon Law Group Boston
Douglas Huron Heller Huron Washington, D.C.
Daniel Hutchinson Lieff Cabraser San Francisco
Dmitri Iglitzin Schwerin Campbell Seattle
Lauren Simon Irwin Upton & Hatfield Concord, N.H.
Rickey Ivie Ivie McNeill Los Angeles
Chidi James Blankingship Keith Fairfax, Va.
Pamela Jeffrey Levy Ratner New York
William Jhaveri-Weeks Jhaveri-Weeks Law Oakland
Lori Jodoin Powers Jodoin Boston
Richard Johnson Katz Friedman Chicago
Robert G. Johnson Sedey Harper St. Louis
Colleen Ramage Johnston Johnston Lykos Pittsburgh
Jocelyn Jones Segal Roitman Boston
Alan Kabat Bernabei & Kabat Washington, D.C.
James Kan Goldstein Borgen Oakland
Walter Kane Cary Kane New York
Harry L. Kane Jr. Greenblatt Pierce Philadelphia
Gail Oxfeld Kanef Oxfeld Cohen Newark, N.J.
Joseph Kaplan Passman & Kaplan Washington, D.C.
Steven J. Kaplan Steven J. Kaplan Los Angeles
Allan Karlim Allan Karlin & Associates Morgantown, W.V.
Jonathan Karmel Karmel Law Firm Chicago
Sander Karp Karp Neu Greenwood Springs, Colo.
James Kaster Nichols Kaster Minneapolis
Debra Katz Katz Marshall & Banks Washington, D.C.
James Katz Spear Wilderman Cherry Hill, N.J.
Aaron Kaufmann Leonard Carder Oakland
Paul Kelly Segal Roitman Boston
Katherine Smith Kennedy Pinsky Smith Grand Rapids, Mich.
Wesley Kennedy Allison Slutsky Chicago
Diane King King & Greisen Denver
Paul Kiyonaga Kiyonaga & Soltis Washington, D.C.
Adam Klein Outten & Golden New York
Paul Kleinbaum Zazzali Fagella Newark, N.J.
Steven Kluender The Previant Law Firm Milwaukee
Denise Knecht Denise J. Knecht Law Offices Cleveland
Kalpana Kotagal Cohen Milstein Washington, D.C.
David Kotzian Gasiorek Morgan Farmington Hills, Mich.
Marvin Krakow Alexander Krakow + Glick Los Angeles
Robert Kraus Kraus & Zuchlewski New York
Kathy Krieger James & Hoffman Washington, D.C.
Shelley Kroll Segal Roitman Boston
Louis Kushner Rothman Gordon Pittsburgh
Nathaniel Lambright Blitman & King Syracuse, N.Y.
Jocelyn Larkin The Impact Fund Berkeley, Calif.
James LaVaute Blitman & King Syracuse, N.Y.
Robert Lavitt Schwerin Campbell Seattle
Barbara Lawless Lawless & Lawless San Francisco
Therese Lawless Lawless & Lawless San Francisco
Wendi Lazar Outten & Golden New York
Dolores Leal Allred Maroko Los Angeles
Andrew Lee Goldstein Borgen Oakland
David Lee Law Office of David L. Lee Chicago
Michelle G. Lee Rudy Exelrod San Francisco
David Leightty Priddy Cutler Louisville
Christopher Lenzo Lenzo & Reis Morristown
Carl Levine Levy Ratner New York
Roberta Levinson Abrahamson Vorachek Chicago
Richard Levy Levy Ratner New York
Jeffrey G. Lewis Keller Rohrback Oakland
Timothy O’Neill Lewis Gibbs & Holmes Charleston
Stacey Leyton Altshuler Berzon San Francisco
David Linesch The Linesch Firm Palm Harbor, Fla.
Judith Lonnquist Judith A. Lonnquist Seattle
David Lopez Outten & Golden Washington, D.C.
Gail Lopez-Henriquez Freedman & Lorry Philadelphia
David A. Lowe Rudy Exelrod San Francisco
Paul Lukas Nichols Kaster Minneapolis
Nikki Velisaris Lykos Johnston Lykos Pittsburgh
Brian MacDonough Sherin & Lodgen Boston
Barry Macey Macey Swanson Indianapolis
Richard G. Mack Jr. Miller Cohen Detroit
Louis Pierre Malone O’Donoghue & O’Donoghue Washington, D.C.
Chaya Mandelbaum Rudy Exelrod San Francisco
Lisa Manshel Francis & Manshel Millburn, N.J.
Robert Mantell Powers Jodoin Boston
Beth Margolis Gladstein Reif New York
Jonathan Margolis Powers Jodoin Boston
Michael Maroko Allred Maroko Los Angeles
David Marshall Katz Marshall & Banks Washington, D.C.
Francis Martorana O’Donoghue & O’Donoghue Washington, D.C.
Tammy Marzigliano Outten & Golden New York
William Massey Gladstein Reif New York
Laura Carlin Mattiacci Console Mattiacci Philadelphia
Cary McGehee Pitt McGehee Royal Oak, Mich.
Gregory McGillivary Woodley & McGillivary Washington, D.C.
John McGuinn McGuinn Hillsman San Francisco
Jospeh McKenna Jr. Segal Roitman Boston
Loralyn McKinley McKinley Ryan West Chester, Pa.
Randy McMurray McMurray Henriks Los Angeles
Todd McNamara McNamara & Schechter Denver
Don Meade Priddy Cutler Louisville
Gene Mechanic Mechanic Law Portland, Ore.
Walter (Terry) Meginness Gladstein Reif New York
Paul Merry Law Offices of Paul H. Merry Boston
Name Organization Location
Ellen J. Messing Messing Rudavsky Boston
Gary Messing Messing Adam Sacramento
Ronald Meyer Meyer Brooks Tallahassee
Ossai Miazad Outten & Golden New York
Donna Mikel Burnette Dobson Chattanooga, Tenn.
Bruce A. Miller Miller Cohen Detroit
Dale Minami Minami Tamaki San Francisco
Stephen Moldof Cohen Weiss New York
John Mooney Mooney Green Washington, D.C.
Sam Morgan Gasiorek Morgan Farmington Hills, Mich.
Geoffrey Mort Kraus & Zuchlewski New York
Laurence Moy Outten & Golden New York
John Mullan Rudy Exelrod San Francisco
Neil Mullin Smith Mullin Montclair, N.J.
Wendy Musell Stewart & Musell Emeryville, Calif.
Peter Naake Priddy Cutler Louisville
Christine Neill Neill & Byrne Dallas
Donald Nichols Nichols Kaster Minneapolis
Andrew Nickelhoff Sachs Waldman Detroit
Dan Norwood Norwood & Atchley Memphis
William O’Brien Miller O’Brien Minneapolis
James O’Connell O’Donoghue & O’Donoghue Washington, D.C.
Michael Okun Patterson Harkavy Chapel Hill, N.C.
Katelyn Oldham Tedesco Law Group Portland, Ore.
Donald Oliver Blitman & King Syracuse, N.Y.
Jeff S. Olson The Jeff Scott Olson Law Firm Madison, Wisc.
R. Scott Oswald The Employment Law Group Washington, D.C.
Wayne Outten Outten & Golden New York
Sanford Oxfeld Oxfeld Cohen Newark, N.J.
Cliff Palefsky McGuinn Hillsman San Francisco
Jospeh Paller Jr. Gilbert & Sackman Los Angeles
Robert Palmer Pitt McGehee Royal Oak, Mich.
Cindy Pancuo Hadsell & Stormer Pasadena
Joseph Pass Jubelirer Pass Pittsburgh
Edward Passman Passman & Kaplan Washington, D.C.
Hank Patterson Patterson Harkavy Chapel Hill, N.C.
Robert Paul Zwerdling Paul Washington, D.C.
Jane Peak Allan Karlin & Associates Morgantown, W.V.
Kathleen Peratis Outten & Golden New York
Frederick Perillo The Previant Law Firm Milwaukee
Sean Phelan Frank Freed Seattle
Patricia Pierce Greenblatt Pierce Philadelphia
Frank Pinchak Burnette Dobson Chattanooga, Tenn.
Sheldon Pincus Bucceri & Pincus Bloomfield, N.J.
H. Rhett Pinsky Pinsky Smith Grand Rapids, Mich.
Joshua Piovia-Scott Hadsell & Stormer Pasadena
Michael Pitt Pitt McGehee Royal Oak, Mich.
Peggy Goldberg Pitt Pitt McGehee Royal Oak, Mich.
P. Casey Pitts Altshuler Berzon San Francisco
A. Mark Pope Pope Berger San Diego
Kevin Powers Powers Jodoin Boston
Anna Prakash Nichols Kaster Minneapolis
Al Priddy Priddy Cutler Louisville
Erin Pulaski Rudy Exelrod San Francisco
Barnara Zack Quindel Hawks Quindel Milwaukee
John Quinn Quinn Connor Decatur, Ga.
Daniel Ratner Levy Ratner New York
James S. Ray Law Offices of James S. Ray Alexandria, Va.
Carolina Rdzanek Abrahamson Vorachek Chicago
Charlotte Redo Schwartz Rollins Atlanta
James Reif Gladstein Reif New York
Claudia Reis Lenzo & Reis Morristown, N.J.
Randy Renick Hadsell & Stormer Pasadena
Richard Resnick Sherman Dunn Washington, D.C.
N. Elizabeth Reynolds Allison Slutsky Chicago
Stephanie Reynolds Pope Berger San Diego
Gregory Rich Dobson Goldberg St. Louis
Julia Richard-Spencer Robein Urann New Orleans
Nancy Richards-Stower Law Offices of Nancy Richards Stower Merrimack, N.H.
Stephen Richman Markowitz & Richman Philadelphia
Lori Rifkin Hadsell & Stormer Emeryville, Calif.
Thomas Riley Tobin Carberry New London, Conn.
David Ring Taylor Ring Manhattan Beach, Calif.
Mark Risk Mark Risk New York
Susan Ritz Ritz Clark & Ben-Asher New York
Beth Rivers Pitt McGehee Royal Oak, Mich.
Jennifer Robbins Schwerin Campbell Seattle
Marianne Robbins The Previant Law Firm Milwaukee
Matthew Robbins The Previant Law Firm Milwaukee
Louis Robein Jr. Robein Urann New Orleans
Elizabeth Rodgers Gordon Law Group Boston
James E. Rollins Jr. Schwartz Rollins Atlanta
Peter Romer-Friedman Outten & Golden Washington, D.C.
Barry Roseman Barry D. Roseman Denver
Howard Z. Rosen Posner & Rosen Los Angeles
Jon Howard Rosen Rosen Law Firm Seattle
Sanford Rosen Rosen Bien San Francisco
James Rosenberg Abato Rubenstein Baltimore
Beth A. Ross Leonard Carder San Francisco
Michael Rubin Altshuler Berzon San Francisco
Dahlia Rudavsky Messing Rudavsky Boston
Peter Rukin Rukin Hyland San Francisco
John R. Runyan Jr. Sachs Waldman Detroit
Jahan Sagafi Outten & Golden San Francisco
Susan M. Saint-Antoine Console Mattiacci Philadelphia
David Sanford Sanford Heisler Washington, D.C.
Jim Sanford Gillespie & Sanford Dallas
Donald Sapir Sapir Schragin White Plains, N.Y.
Cynthia Sass Sass Law Firm Tampa
Robert Savelson Cohen Weiss New York
Name Organization Location
Glen Savits Green Savits Florham Park, N.J.
Lawrence Schaefer Schaefer Halleen Minneapolis
Matt Schechter McNamara & Schechter Denver
Bradley Schleier Schleier Law Offices Phoenix
Tod Schleier Schleier Law Offices Phoenix
Laura Schnell Eisenberg & Schnell New York
Alan Schorr Schorr & Associates Cherry Hill, N.J.
Howard Schragin Sapir Schragin White Plains, N.Y.
Nekki Schutt Burnette Shutt Columbia, S.C.
Debra Schwartz Schwartz Rollins Atlanta
Jill Schwartz Jill S. Schwartz & Associates Winter Park, Fla.
Keith Secular Cohen Weiss New York
Mary Ann Sedey Sedey Harper St. Louis
Joseph Sellers Cohen Milstein Washington, D.C.
Derek Sells The Cochran Firm New York
Richard Seymour Law Offices of Rick Seymour Washington, D.C.
Heidi Sharp Burgess Sharp Clinton Township, Mich.
Ann Shaver Lieff Cabraser San Francisco
Kate Shea Segal Roitman Boston
Carney Shegerian Shegerian & Associates Santa Monica
Nancy Shilepsky Sherin & Lodgen Boston
Amy Shulman Broach & Stulberg New York
Donald Siegel Segal Roitman Boston
Jill Silverstein Sowers Wolf St. Louis
Bruce Simon Cohen Weiss New York
Stephen A. Simon Tobias Torchia Cincinnati
Hope Singer Bush Gottlieb Glendale, Calif.
Hezekiah Sistrunk The Cochran Firm Atlanta
Donald Slesnick Slesnick & Casey Coral Gables, Fla.
Michael Slutsky Allison Slutsky Chicago
J. Arthur Smith Smith Law Firm Baton Rouge
Joel Smith Kahn Smith Baltimore
Jules Smith Blitman & King Syracuse, N.Y.
Nancy Smith Smith Mullin Montclair, N.J.
Steven Andrew Smith Nichols Kaster Minneapolis
Debra Soltis Kiyonaga & Soltis Washington, D.C.
D. Eric Sowers Sowers Wolf St. Louis
David Spalter Jill S. Schwartz & Associates Winter Park, Fla.
Samuel Spear Spear Wilderman Philadelphia
Racchana Srey Nichols Kaster Minneapolis
Fern Steiner Smith Steiner San Diego
Darnley Stewart Outten & Golden New York
Dan Stormer Hadsell & Stormer Pasadena
Robert Stulberg Broach & Stulberg New York
Michael Subit Frank Freed Seattle
Robert Alan Sugarman Sugarman & Susskind Coral Gables, Fla.
George Suggs Schuchat Cook St. Louis
Dana Sullivan Buchanan Angeli Portland, Ore.
Geraldine Sumter Ferguson Chambers Charlotte, N.C.
Curtis Surls Curtis Surls Manhattan Beach, Calif.
Howard Susskind Sugarman & Susskind Coral Gables, Fla.
Brian Sutherland Buckley Beal Atlanta
Daniel Swanson Sommers Schwartz Southfield, Mich.
Richard Swanson Macey Swanson Indianapolis
Justin Swartz Outten & Golden New York
Sean Tamura-Sato Minami Tamaki San Francisco
James Roddy Tanner Tanner & Associates Fort Worth, Texas
John C. Taylor Taylor Ring Manhattan Beach, Calif.
Michael Tedesco Tedesco Law Group Portland, Ore.
Marilyn Teitelbaum Schuchat Cook St. Louis
Barbara Terzian The Gittes Law Group Columbus, Ohio
Joyce Thomas Frank Freed Seattle
Peter Thompson Maine Employee Rights Group Portland, Maine
Peder Thoreen Altshuler Berzon San Francisco
Gaye Tibbets Hite Fanning Wichita, Kan.
Vincent Tong Tong Law Oakland
David Torchia Tobias Torchia Cincinnati
Robert Truhlar Truhlar & Truhlar Centennial, Colo.
Julie Uebler Greenblatt Pierce Philadelphia
Darlene Vorachek Abrahamson Vorachek Chicago
Sherrie Voyles Jacobs Burns Chicago
David Wachtel Trister Ross Washington, D.C.
Kenneth Wagner Blitman & King Syracuse, N.Y.
Keith Waldman Selikoff & Cohen Mt. Laurel, N.J.
Kimberly Webb Jill S. Schwartz & Associates Winter Park, Fla.
Christine Webber Cohen Milstein Washington, D.C.
David Webbert Johnson Webbert Portland, Maine
James Weliky Messing Rudavsky Boston
Vincent A. Wenners Jr. Law Offices of Vincent Wenners Manchester, N.H.
Benjamin Westhoff Sedey Harper St. Louis
Christopher Whelan Christopher Whelan Gold River, Calif.
Douglas Wigdor Wigdor New York
Gwynne Wilcox Levy Ratner New York
Roland Wilder Jr. Baptiste & Wilder Washington, D.C.
Alaine Williams Willig Williams Philadelphia
James Williams Chehardy Sherman Metairie, La.
Tim Williams Pope Berger San Diego
Richard A. Williams Jr. R.A. Williams Law Firm St. Paul
Deborah Willig Willig Williams Philadelphia
Ferne Wolf Sowers Wolf St. Louis
Michael Wolly Zwerdling Paul Washington, D.C.
Melissa Woods Cohen Weiss New York
Stephen Yokich Dowd Bloch Chicago
Jeffrey Neil Young Johnson Webbert Portland, Maine
Jay Youngdahl The Youngdahl Law Firm Houston
Sara Youngdahl The Youngdahl Law Firm Houston
Andrew Zazzali Zazzali Fagella Newark, N.J.
Steven Zieff Rudy Exelrod San Francisco
Keith Zimmerman Kahn Smith Baltimore
Pearl Zuchlewski Kraus & Zuchlewski New York