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The first look of the 2023 Annual Magazine is available here. 

Our latest issue – The 2023 Plaintiff Issue – is available here.

Lawdragon has broken the mold with its annual magazine and separate plaintiff issue that are distributed in print and in digital form. The legal community has grown to love our presentation of the Lawdragon 500 Leading Lawyers in America, which features the industry’s best photojournalism of legal professionals with accompanying fun facts, notable achievements and Q&As with members of the guide. It is the ultimate page-turner and who’s who of the profession.

The 2018 Magazine presented our in-depth Q&A with Lawdragon 500 member Anita Hill, as well as a wide array of features on the nation’s best lawyers and most innovative law firms.

The 2017 Magazine contained widely read profiles on Cravath’s all-women partnership class and litigation firm Susman Godfrey in addition to featuring the Lawdragon 500 and the best in legal consulting and corporate employment law.

The 2016 Magazine presented the relaunch of our guide to Leading Legal Consultants and Strategists and an extensive feature on the military commissions at Guantanamo Bay. The issue features the 2016 Lawdragon 500 guides as well as the Legends and Hall of Fame sections.

The 2015 Magazine was the 10th Anniversary edition of our acclaimed magazine. The issue featured our first-ever Hall of Fame guide, as well as a special “Legends” section of the 50 lawyers who have made the Lawdragon 500 every year since 2005. More than 30 Lawdragon 500 members are profiled with photos and in-depth interviews.

Among our other past issues, the 2014 Magazine also featured many Q&As with Lawdragon 500 members along with more than 60 original photographs. Articles included a profile of Washington, D.C.-based Phillips & Cohen, a leading whistleblower firm; a discussion by women law firm leaders on what it takes to make it to the top; and the comples issues associated with the costs of law schools given the current job market.

The 2013 Magazine featured the annual Lawdragon 500 photo spread, as well a detailed examination of transitional justice issues in Rwanda related to the 1994 genocide and an in-depth a look at the emerging legal practice of crisis management.

Indeed, the magazine has always been about more than the 500 – over the years, we have provided passionate coverage of a fascinating range of issues within the legal affairs arena. The 2012 Magazine had features on new trends in the practice of IP law and war crimes trials in Serbia’s domestic courts and at the ICTY, along with nearly 30 interviews with leading practitioners.

photo list
photo list
photo list

Our 2011 magazine provided an inside account of the Proposition 8 trial in California over gay marriage, which featured the historic pairing of Bush v. Gore opponents David Boies and Ted Olson. (Photo of Olson, Boies and their clients by Gabriela Hasbun.)

The issue also presented an in-depth examination of post-apartheid justice in South Africa, based on field research in the country. Despite the importance of South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, many victims of apartheid-era crimes want the government to prosecute perpetrators who did not seek amnesty with the TRC. (Photo of Desmond Tutu by Komelau/

For earlier issues, we spent months in Wilmington to profile the talent-stacked Delaware Chancery Court and traveled to Alaska to detail the battles Earthjustice was waging against with the Bush administration. We went jogging with Seth Waxman to get inside the head of one of the nation’s top Supreme Court litigators, and we had a serious sit-down with Evan Chesler before he became Cravath’s presiding partner.

And we know that many readers were moved by our account of one of the decade’s biggest medical malpractice verdicts resulting from a misdiagnosed stroke in Florida.

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