We’re delighted to present the Lawdragon 500 Leading Plaintiff Financial Lawyers in America for 2020.

These 500 lawyers specialize in representing plaintiffs in securities and other business litigation, antitrust, and whistleblower claims. We suspect 2020 is yielding a bumper crop in each of those categories. And while some of the business litigators occasionally play defense, the heart and soul of this list takes on the plight of plaintiffs who often can’t afford to go to court for the wrong they’ve been done. In many cases, these firms will shoulder the risk and take the cases on contingency.

Plaintiff financial litigation is the provenance of a handful of powerhouse firms, led once again by the one and only Susman Godfrey. It’s been a year of change, with founder and Lawdragon Hall of Famer Steve Susman passing away in July, and star L.A. trial lawyer Kalpana Srinivasan joining Houston’s Neal Manne as managing partner.

Susman Godfrey is joined by other heavyweights including Robbins Geller; Quinn Emanuel; Motley Rice; Lieff Cabraser; Labaton Sucharow; Cohen Milstein; Hausfeld; and Reid Collins.

We’re proud to recognize each and every member of this group, which is 31 percent female and more than 10 percent inclusive.

Name Firm Location
Michael Absmeier Gibbs & Bruns Houston
Anthony Alden Quinn Emanuel Los Angeles
Fields Alexander Beck Redden Houston
Joseph M. Alioto Jr. Alioto Law Firm San Francisco
Jeff  Almeida Grant & Eisenhofer Wilmington
X. Jay Alvarez Robbins Geller San Diego
Parvin Aminolroaya Seeger Weiss New York
Naumon Amjed Kessler Topaz Radnor, Pa.
Jeffrey Angelovich Nix Patterson Austin
Michael Angelovich Nix Patterson Austin
Maribeth Annaguey Browne George Los Angeles
Seth Ard Susman Godfrey New York
Gregory Arenson Kaplan Fox New York
Gregory Asciolla Labaton Sucharow New York
A. Rick Atwood Jr. Robbins Geller San Diego
Aelish Marie Baig Robbins Geller San Francisco
Sean Baldwin Selendy Gay New York
Lauren Guth Barnes Hagens Berman Cambridge, Mass.
Alexander Barnett Cotchett New York
Barry Barnett Susman Godfrey Houston
Randall Baron Robbins Geller San Diego
David Barrett Boies Schiller New York
Michael Barry Grant & Eisenhofer Wilmington
Fred Bartlit Bartlit Beck Denver
James Barz Robbins Geller Chicago
Samuel Baxter McKool Smith Marshall, Texas
David Beck Beck Redden Houston
Phil Beck Bartlit Beck Chicago
Bradley Beckworth Nix Patterson Austin
Matthew Behncke Susman Godfrey Houston
Eric Belfi Labaton Sucharow New York
Katherine Lubin Benson Lieff Cabraser San Francisco
Daniel Berger Berger Montague Philadelphia
Daniel Berger Grant & Eisenhofer New York
Max Berger Bernstein Litowitz New York
Norman Berman Berman Tabacco Boston
Steve Berman Hagens Berman Seattle
Stuart Berman Kessler Topaz Radnor, Pa.
Alexandra  Bernay Robbins Geller San Diego
Matthew  Berry Susman Godfrey Seattle
Julia Beskin Quinn Emanuel New York
Vineet Bhatia Susman Godfrey Houston
Michael Blatchley Bernstein Litowitz New York
Jeffrey Block Block & Leviton Boston
David Bocian Kessler Topaz Radnor, Pa.
David Boies Boies Schiller Armonk, N.Y.
Swathi Bojedla Hausfeld Washington, D.C.
Craig Boneau Reid Collins Austin
Amanda Bonn Susman Godfrey Los Angeles
Rebecca  Boon Bernstein Litowitz New York
Jeniphr Breckenridge Hagens Berman Seattle
John Briody McKool Smith New York
Daniel Brockett Quinn Emanuel New York
Davida Brook Susman Godfrey Los Angeles
Luke Brooks Robbins Geller San Diego
Benjamin Brown Cohen Milstein Washington, D.C.
Deborah Brown Quinn Emanuel New York
John Browne Bernstein Litowitz New York
Devon Bruce Power Rogers Chicago
Joshua Bruckerhoff Reid Collins Austin
Gustavo Bruckner Pomerantz New York
David Buchanan Seeger Weiss New York
Jacob Buchdahl Susman Godfrey New York
Michael Buchman Motley Rice New York
Christopher Burke Scott + Scott San Diego
Spencer Burkholz Robbins Geller San Diego
Warren Burns Burns Charest Dallas
Elaine Byszewski Hagens Berman Pasadena, Calif.
Elizabeth Cabraser Lieff Cabraser San Francisco
Diane Cafferata Quinn Emanuel Los Angeles
Peter Calamari Quinn Emanuel New York
Regina Calcaterra Calcaterra Pollack New York
Ophelia Camina Susman Godfrey Houston
Melinda Campbell Kaplan Fox New York
Jeffrey Campisi Kaplan Fox New York
Michael Canty Labaton Sucharow New York
Robert Carey Hagens Berman Phoenix
Michael Carlinsky Quinn Emanuel New York
Bill Carmody Susman Godfrey New York
George Carpinello Boies Schiller Albany, N.Y.
Shanon Carson Berger Montague Philadelphia
Johnny Carter Susman Godfrey Houston
Laura Kissel Cassidy Gibbs & Bruns Houston
Gregory Castaldo Kessler Topaz Radnor, Pa.
Ryan Caughey Susman Godfrey Houston
Lin Chan Lieff Cabraser San Francisco
Daniel Charest Burns Charest Dallas
Peter Wilson Chatfield Phillips & Cohen Washington, D.C.
Darren Check Kessler Topaz Radnor, Pa.
Daniel Chiplock Lieff Cabraser New York
Michael Ciresi Ciresi Conlin Minneapolis
Joy Clairmont Berger Montague Philadelphia
Deborah Clark-Weintraub Scott + Scott New York
Mary Louise Cohen Phillips & Cohen Washington, D.C.
David Colapinto Kohn, Kohn & Colapinto Washington, D.C.
Scott Cole McKool Smith Austin
P. Jason Collins Reid Collins Austin
Todd Collins Berger Montague Philadelphia
Erin Green Comite Scott + Scott Colchester, Conn.
Jan Conlin Ciresi Conlin Minneapolis
Nathan Cook Block & Leviton Wilmington
Melinda Coolidge Hausfeld Washington, D.C.
Joseph Cotchett Cotchett Burlingame, Calif.
Patrick Coughlin Robbins Geller San Diego
Name Firm Location
Eric Cramer Berger Montague Philadelphia
Gary Cruciani McKool Smith Dallas
Sam Cruse III Gibbs & Bruns Houston
Andrew Curley Berger Montague Philadelphia
Patrick Dahlstrom Pomerantz Chicago
Patrick Daniels Robbins Geller San Diego
Merrill Davidoff Berger Montague Philadelphia
Stuart Davidson Robbins Geller Boca Raton
Mark Dearman Robbins Geller Boca Raton
Timothy DeLange Wollmuth Maher Carlsbad, Calif.
Michael Dell’Angelo Berger Montague Philadelphia
Marisa DeMato Labaton Sucharow New York
Lawrence Deutsch Berger Montague Philadelphia
Nicholas Diamand Lieff Cabraser New York
Jeffrey W. Dickstein Phillips & Cohen Miami
Kirk Dillman McKool Smith Los Angeles
Kathleen Donovan-Maher Berman Tabacco Boston
Diane Doolittle Quinn Emanuel Redwood Shores, Calif.
Mike Dowd Robbins Geller San Diego
Travis Downs III Robbins Geller San Diego
Michelle Drake Berger Montague Minneapolis
Daniel Drosman Robbins Geller San Diego
Thomas Dubbs Labaton Sucharow New York
Suzanne Dugan Cohen Milstein Washington, D.C.
Andrew Dunlap Selendy Gay New York
Karen Dunn Paul Weiss Washington, D.C.
Karen  Dyer Boies Schiller Orlando
Amy Easton Phillips & Cohen Washington, D.C.
Jay Edelson Edelson Chicago
Jay Eisenhofer Grant & Eisenhofer New York
Robert Eisler Grant & Eisenhofer Wilmington
Dennis Ellis Browne George Los Angeles
Deborah Elman Grant & Eisenhofer New York
David Elsberg Selendy Gay New York
Michael Elsner Motley Rice Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
Candice Enders Berger Montague Philadelphia
John Eubanks Motley Rice Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
Donna Evans Cohen Milstein New York
Eric Fastiff Lieff Cabraser San Francisco
Leonid Feller Quinn Emanuel Chicago
Mark Ferguson Bartlit Beck Chicago
Kenneth Fetterman Kellogg Hansen Washington, D.C.
Julie Fieber Cotchett Burlingame, Calif.
Reid Figel Kellogg Hansen Washington, D.C.
Edward Filusch Kasowitz New York
Steven Fineman Lieff Cabraser New York
Rachel Fleishman Reid Collins New York
Jodi Westbrook Flowers Motley Rice Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
Parker Folse Susman Godfrey Seattle
Jason Forge Robbins Geller San Diego
Christine Fox Labaton Sucharow New York
Frederic Fox Kaplan Fox New York
David Frederick Kellogg Hansen Washington, D.C.
William Fredericks Scott + Scott New York
Michael Fritz McKool Smith Dallas
Qianwei Fu Zelle San Francisco
Benjamin Galdston Berger Montague San Diego
Reena Gambhir Hausfeld Washington, D.C.
Jonathan Gardner Labaton Sucharow New York
Karin Garvey Labaton Sucharow New York
Faith Gay Selendy Gay New York
Paul Geller Robbins Geller Boca Raton
Eric  George Browne George Los Angeles
Adam Gerchen Keller Lenkner Chicago
Eric Gibbs Gibbs Law Group Oakland, Calif.
Robin Gibbs Gibbs & Bruns Houston
Carol Gilden Cohen Milstein Chicago
Danielle Gilmore Quinn Emanuel Los Angeles
Emma Gilmore Pomerantz New York
Maria Ginzburg Selendy Gay New York
Karma Giulianelli Bartlit Beck Denver
Brendan Glackin Lieff Cabraser San Francisco
Jacob Goldberg The Rosen Law Firm Jenkintown, Pa.
Jordan Goldstein Selendy Gay New York
Larry Golston Beasley Allen Montgomery, Ala.
Benny Goodman III Robbins Geller San Diego
Melissa  Goodman Ciresi Conlin Minneapolis
Sathya Gosselin Hausfeld Washington, D.C.
David Grable Quinn Emanuel Los Angeles
Elise Grace Robbins Geller San Diego
Nicholas Gravante Boies Schiller New York
Salvatore Graziano Bernstein Litowitz New York
Eli Greenstein Kessler Topaz San Francisco
Justin Griffin Quinn Emanuel Los Angeles
Joseph Grinstein Susman Godfrey Houston
Tor Gronborg Robbins Geller San Diego
Marc Gross Pomerantz New York
Stanley Grossman Pomerantz New York
Michael Grunfeld Pomerantz New York
Joseph Guglielmo Scott + Scott New York
Aundrea Gulley Gibbs & Bruns Houston
Michael Guzman Kellogg Hansen Washington, D.C.
Olav Haazen Grant & Eisenhofer New York
Jennifer Duncan Hackett Zelle Washington, D.C.
Serena Hallowell Labaton Sucharow New York
Sean Handler Kessler Topaz Radnor, Pa.
Michael Hanin Kasowitz New York
Drew Hansen Susman Godfrey Seattle
Mark Hansen Kellogg Hansen Washington, D.C.
Erica Harris Susman Godfrey Houston
Geoffrey Harrison Susman Godfrey Houston
James Harrod Bernstein Litowitz New York
Anne Hayes Hartman Constantine Cannon San Francisco
Dean Harvey Lieff Cabraser San Francisco
Stephen Hasegawa Phillips & Cohen San Francisco
Michael Hausfeld Hausfeld Washington, D.C.
Eric Havian Constantine Cannon San Francisco
Name Firm Location
Lexi Hazam Lieff Cabraser San Francisco
Christopher Heffelfinger Berman Tabacco San Francisco
Richard Heimann Lieff Cabraser San Francisco
Robert Henssler Jr. Robbins Geller San Diego
Rick Hess Susman Godfrey Houston
Jay Himes Labaton Sucharow New York
Derek Ho Kellogg Hansen Washington, D.C.
Kathryn Hoek Susman Godfrey Los Angeles
Lester Hooker Saxena White Boca Raton
Lisa Houssiere McKool Smith Houston
Mary Inman Constantine Cannon San Francisco
Phil  Iovieno Boies Schiller Albany, N.Y.
William Isaacson Paul Weiss Washington, D.C.
Uri Itkin Kasowitz New York
Shauna Itri Seeger Weiss Philadelphia
James Jaconette Robbins Geller San Diego
Geoffrey Jarvis Kessler Topaz Radnor, Pa.
Mathew Jasinski Motley Rice Hartford, Conn.
Rachel Jensen Robbins Geller San Diego
Brent Johnson Cohen Milstein Washington, D.C.
Chad Johnson Robbins Geller New York
Christopher P. Johnson McKool Smith New York
Geoffrey Johnson Scott + Scott Cleveland Heights, Ohio
James Johnson Labaton Sucharow New York
Kristen Johnson Hagens Berman Cambridge, Mass.
Randy Johnston Johnston Tobey Dallas
Megan Jones Hausfeld San Francisco
Jennifer Joost Kessler Topaz San Francisco
Avi Josefson Bernstein Litowitz New York
Michael Kane Berger Montague Philadelphia
David Kaplan Saxena White San Diego
Robert Kaplan Kaplan Fox New York
Stacey Kaplan Kessler Topaz San Francisco
Marc Kasowitz Kasowitz New York
Beth Kaswan Scott + Scott New York
Elana Katcher Kaplan Fox New York
Ashley Keller Keller Lenkner Chicago
Christopher Keller Labaton Sucharow New York
Gregory Keller Shahmoon Keller Great Neck, N.Y.
Michael Kellogg Kellogg Hansen Washington, D.C.
Cindy Caranella Kelly Kasowitz New York
Erika Kelton Phillips & Cohen San Francisco
Jeannine Kenney Hausfeld Philadelphia
David Kessler Kessler Topaz Radnor, Pa.
Jean Kim Constantine Cannon New York
Phillip Kim The Rosen Law Firm New York
Marlon Kimpson Motley Rice Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
Gayle Klein McKool Smith New York
Jeffrey Kodroff Spector Roseman Philadelphia
Richard Koffman Cohen Milstein Washington, D.C.
Michael Kohn Kohn, Kohn & Colapinto Washington, D.C.
Stephen Kohn Kohn, Kohn & Colapinto Washington, D.C.
Lena Konanova Selendy Gay New York
Sheron  Korpus Kasowitz New York
Mathew Korte Ciresi Conlin Minneapolis
Marlene Koury Constantine Cannon New York
Robert Kry MoloLamken Washington, D.C.
Nancy Kulesa Bleichmar Fonti New York
Edward Labaton Labaton Sucharow New York
Brent  Landau Hausfeld Philadelphia
Chanler Langham Susman Godfrey Houston
Laurie Largent Robbins Geller San Diego
Nicole Lavallee Berman Tabacco San Francisco
Arthur Leahy Robbins Geller San Diego
Mark Lebovitch Bernstein Litowitz New York
Christopher Lebsock Hausfeld San Francisco
Lewis LeClair McKool Smith Dallas
Lawrence Lederer Berger Montague Philadelphia
Sharon Lee Lieff Cabraser New York
Katie Crosby Lehmann Ciresi Conlin Minneapolis
Michael Lehmann Hausfeld San Francisco
Sarah Gibbs Leivick Kasowitz New York
Travis Lenkner Keller Lenkner Chicago
Emmy Levens Cohen Milstein Washington, D.C.
Richard Levine Labaton Sucharow Washington, D.C.
Jason Leviton Block & Leviton Boston
Dan Levy McKool Smith New York
Roberta Liebenberg Fine Kaplan Philadelphia
Jeremy Lieberman Pomerantz New York
Michael Lifrak Quinn Emanuel Los Angeles
Mimi Liu Motley Rice Washington, D.C.
Thomas Loeser Hagens Berman Seattle
Kyle Lonergan McKool Smith New York
Jordan Lurie Pomerantz Los Angeles
Christine Mackintosh Grant & Eisenhofer Wilmington
Eric Madden Reid Collins Dallas
Robert Manley McKool Smith Dallas
Neal Manne Susman Godfrey Houston
Jeanne Markey Cohen Milstein Philadelphia
James Robertson Martin Zelle Washington, D.C.
Scott Martin Hausfeld New York
Timothy Mathews Chimicles Haverford, Pa.
Sean Matt Hagens Berman Seattle
Colette Matzzie Phillips & Cohen Washington, D.C.
Eric Mayer Susman Godfrey Houston
Zachary Mazin McKool Smith New York
Margaret Mazzeo Kessler Topaz Radnor, Pa.
Sean McCaffity Sommerman Quesada Dallas
Niall McCarthy Cotchett Burlingame, Calif.
Daniel McCuaig Cohen Milstein Washington, D.C.
Christopher McDonald Labaton Sucharow New York
Heather McElroy Ciresi Conlin Minneapolis
Kyle McGee Grant & Eisenhofer Wilmington
Sean X. McKessy Phillips & Cohen Washington, D.C.
Mike McKool McKool Smith Dallas
Ashley McMillian Susman Godfrey Houston
Brian Melton Susman Godfrey Houston
Joseph Meltzer Kessler Topaz Radnor, Pa.
Name Firm Location
Tom Methvin Beasley Allen Montgomery, Ala.
Michael Miarmi Lieff Cabraser New York
Christopher Micheletti Zelle San Francisco
Donald Migliori Motley Rice Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
Dee Miles Beasley Allen Montgomery, Ala.
David Mitchell Robbins Geller San Diego
Dan Mogin MoginRubin San Diego
Steven Molo MoloLamken New York
Mark Molumphy Cotchett Burlingame, Calif.
Laddie Montague Jr. Berger Montague Philadelphia
Kristin Moody Berman Tabacco San Francisco
Stephen Morrissey Susman Godfrey Seattle
Anne Marie Murphy Cotchett Burlingame, Calif.
Matthew Mustokoff Kessler Topaz Radnor, Pa.
Ayesha Najam Gibbs & Bruns Houston
Hae Sung Nam Kaplan Fox New York
William  Narwold Motley Rice Hartford, Conn.
Robert Nelson Lieff Cabraser San Francisco
Isaac Nesser Quinn Emanuel New York
Stephen Neuwirth Quinn Emanuel New York
Joshua Newcomer McKool Smith Houston
Steven Nicholas Cunningham Bounds Mobile, Ala.
Luke Nikas Quinn Emanuel New York
Sharan Nirmul Kessler Topaz Radnor, Pa.
Nanci Nishimura Cotchett Burlingame, Calif.
Crystal Nix-Hines Quinn Emanuel Los Angeles
Ellen Noteware Berger Montague Philadelphia
Brian O’Mara Robbins Geller San Diego
Steve Olen Cunningham Bounds Mobile, Ala.
Harry Olivar Jr. Quinn Emanuel Los Angeles
Jennifer Oliver MoginRubin San Diego
Lance Oliver Motley Rice Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
Meghan S.B.  Oliver Motley Rice Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
Johanna Ong Quinn Emanuel Los Angeles
Laureen McMillen Ormsbee Bernstein Litowitz New York
David Orta Quinn Emanuel Washington, D.C.
Jennifer Pafiti Pomerantz Los Angeles
Nathaniel Palmer Reid Collins Austin
Aaron Panner Kellogg Hansen Washington, D.C.
Phyllis Maza Parker Berger Montague Philadelphia
Kathy Patrick Gibbs & Bruns Houston
C. Cary Patterson Nix Patterson Texarkana, Texas
Russell Paul Berger Montague Philadelphia
Trey Peacock Susman Godfrey Houston
Michael Pendell Motley Rice Hartford, Conn.
John Phillips Phillips & Cohen Washington, D.C.
Jonathan Pickhardt Quinn Emanuel New York
Kit Pierson Cohen Milstein Washington, D.C.
Frank Pitre Cotchett Burlingame, Calif.
Barbara Podell Berger Montague Philadelphia
Janine Pollack Calcaterra Pollack New York
Christopher Porter Quinn Emanuel Houston
Laura Posner Cohen Milstein New York
Warren Postman Keller Lenkner Washington, D.C.
John Quinn Quinn Emanuel Los Angeles
Shawn Rabin Susman Godfrey New York
Willow Radcliffe Robbins Geller San Francisco
Sascha Rand Quinn Emanuel New York
Sami Rashid Quinn Emanuel New York
Brian Ratner Hausfeld Washington, D.C.
Shawn Raymond Susman Godfrey Houston
Barrett Reasoner Gibbs & Bruns Houston
William T. Reid IV Reid Collins Austin
Julie Goldsmith Reiser Cohen Milstein Washington, D.C.
Jack Reise Robbins Geller Boca Raton
Justin Reliford Kessler Topaz Radnor, Pa.
Joseph Rice Motley Rice Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
Robert Rivera Jr. Susman Godfrey Houston
John Rizio-Hamilton Bernstein Litowitz New York
Darren Robbins Robbins Geller San Diego
Robert Robbins Robbins Geller Boca Raton
Sharon Robertson Cohen Milstein New York
Jeremy Robinson Bernstein Litowitz New York
Valerie Roddy Quinn Emanuel Los Angeles
Laurence Rosen The Rosen Law Firm New York
Hannah Ross Bernstein Litowitz New York
Peter Ross Browne George Los Angeles
Jonathan Rubin MoginRubin Washington, D.C.
Samuel Rudman Robbins Geller Melville, N.Y.
David Rudolph Lieff Cabraser San Francisco
Lee Rudy Kessler Topaz Radnor, Pa.
Joseph Russello Robbins Geller Melville, N.Y.
Taline  Sahakian Constantine Cannon New York
Scott Saham Robbins Geller San Diego
Daniel Salinas-Serrano Quinn Emanuel Washington, D.C.
Hollis Salzman Robins Kaplan New York
Katie Sammons Susman Godfrey Houston
Ex Kano Sams II Glancy Prongay Los Angeles
Joseph Saveri Saveri Law Firm San Francisco
Sherrie Savett Berger Montague Philadelphia
Maya Saxena Saxena White Boca Raton
Shana Scarlett Hagens Berman Berkeley, Calif.
Robert Scheef McKool Smith New York
Irving Scher Hausfeld New York
Hilary Scherrer Hausfeld Washington, D.C.
Gregory Schwegmann Reid Collins Austin
Judy Scolnick Scott + Scott New York
Daryl Scott Scott + Scott Colchester, Conn.
David Scott Scott + Scott Colchester, Conn.
Jennifer Scullion Seeger Weiss Ridgefield Park, N.J.
Name Firm Location
Todd Seaver Berman Tabacco San Francisco
Christopher Seeger Seeger Weiss New York
Jennifer Selendy Selendy Gay New York
Philippe Selendy Selendy Gay New York
Daniel Seltz Lieff Cabraser New York
Marc Seltzer Susman Godfrey Los Angeles
Maaren Shah Quinn Emanuel New York
Carol Shahmoon Shahmoon Keller Great Neck, N.Y.
Anthony Shapiro Hagens Berman Seattle
Allison Sheedy Constantine Cannon Washington, D.C.
Stephen Sheller Sheller Philadelphia
Steven Shepard Susman Godfrey New York
Manisha Sheth Quinn Emanuel New York
Jessica Shinnefield Robbins Geller San Diego
Roman Silberfeld Robins Kaplan Los Angeles
Gerald Silk Bernstein Litowitz New York
Joshua Silverman Pomerantz Chicago
Katherine Sinderson Bernstein Litowitz New York
Linda Singer Motley Rice Washington, D.C.
Steven Singer Saxena White White Plains, N.Y.
Steven Sklaver Susman Godfrey Los Angeles
Daniel Small Cohen Milstein Washington, D.C.
Elizabeth Smith Motley Rice Washington, D.C.
Thomas Sobol Hagens Berman Cambridge, Mass.
Aliki Sofis Quinn Emanuel Boston
Sylvia Sokol Scott + Scott New York
Mark Solomon Robbins Geller San Diego
David Sorensen Berger Montague Philadelphia
John Sparacino McKool Smith Houston
Ronnie Seidel Spiegel Hagens Berman Seattle
Kalpana Srinivasan Susman Godfrey Los Angeles
Courtney Statfeld McKool Smith New York
Karl Stern Quinn Emanuel Houston
Leslie Stern Berman Tabacco Boston
Murielle Steven Walsh Pomerantz New York
Michael Stevenson Labaton Sucharow Washington, D.C.
David Straite Kaplan Fox New York
Joel Strauss Kaplan Fox New York
Silvija Strikis Kellogg Hansen Washington, D.C.
Arun Subramanian Susman Godfrey New York
Lawrence Sucharow Labaton Sucharow New York
Jason Sultzer The Sultzer Law Group Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
Harry Susman Susman Godfrey Houston
Lynn Swanson Jones Swanson New Orleans
Stephen Swedlow Quinn Emanuel Chicago
Bonny Sweeney Hausfeld San Francisco
Claire Sylvia Phillips & Cohen San Francisco
Joseph Tabacco Jr. Berman Tabacco San Francisco
Ariana Tadler Tadler Law New York
Kevin Teruya Quinn Emanuel Los Angeles
Jordan Thomas Labaton Sucharow New York
Ed Timlin Bernstein Litowitz New York
Robert Tobey Johnston Tobey Dallas
Marc Topaz Kessler Topaz Radnor, Pa.
Catherine Torell Cohen Milstein New York
Hector Torres Kasowitz New York
Joseph Trautwein Sheller Philadelphia
Max Tribble Susman Godfrey Houston
Melissa Troutner Kessler Topaz Radnor, Pa.
Lisa Tsai Reid Collins Austin
Matthew Tuccillo Pomerantz New York
Martin Twersky Berger Montague Philadelphia
Jonathan Uslaner Bernstein Litowitz Los Angeles
Austin Van Pomerantz New York
Jeroen van Kwawegen Bernstein Litowitz New York
Gregory Varallo Bernstein Litowitz Wilmington
Irina Vasilchenko Labaton Sucharow New York
Carol Villegas Labaton Sucharow New York
David Wales Bernstein Litowitz New York
Genevieve Wallace Susman Godfrey Seattle
Timothy Warren Labaton Sucharow Chicago
Mark Wawro Susman Godfrey Houston
Tamar Weinrib Pomerantz New York
Stephen Weiss Seeger Weiss New York
Michael Wernke Pomerantz New York
Keith Wesley Browne George Los Angeles
Lexie White Susman Godfrey Houston
Joseph White III Saxena White Boca Raton
Conlee Whiteley Kanner & Whiteley New Orleans
Tyler Whitmer Quinn Emanuel Washington, D.C.
Adam Wierzbowski Bernstein Litowitz New York
K. Craig Wildfang Robins Kaplan Minneapolis
David Williams Kline & Specter Philadelphia
Shawn Williams Robbins Geller San Francisco
Steven Williams Saveri Law Firm San Francisco
Mark Willis Labaton Sucharow Washington, D.C.
Mary Jane Wilmoth Kohn, Kohn & Colapinto Washington, D.C.
Randy Wilson Susman Godfrey Houston
Robert Wilson Labaton Sucharow Washington, D.C.
Robin Winchester Kessler Topaz Radnor, Pa.
David Wissbroecker Robbins Geller San Diego
Terry Wit Quinn Emanuel San Francisco
Adam Wolfson Quinn Emanuel Los Angeles
Kara Wolke Glancy Prongay Los Angeles
Harvey Wolkoff Quinn Emanuel Boston
William Wood McKool Smith Houston
Debra Wyman Robbins Geller San Diego
Michael Yoder Reid Collins Dallas
Eric Young McEldrew Young Philadelphia
Steve Zack Boies Schiller Miami
Judith Zahid Zelle San Francisco
Adam Zapala Cotchett Burlingame, Calif.
Jessica Zeldin Andrews & Springer Wilmington