You say you want a revolution ….

As we post the 2018 Lawdragon 500 Leading Lawyers in America, school children throughout the United States are walking out of their classrooms. The adults have failed to protect them, so they’re taking matters into their own hands.

That grassroots activism defines right now, and this year’s 500. From digital populists to discrimination warriors, the era of power lawyers has passed and transformed into an ascendant group defined by passion, precision and perspective.

Who’s in charge? From the White House to corporate powerbrokers, it’s anyone’s guess as one institution after another struggles with inclusion, populism, protectionism and our Apprehensive New World.

Well you know, we’d all love to change the world

Lawyers are on the front lines of battles over technological changes that will define our lives for decades to come. Susman Godfrey’s Bill Carmody was at the wheel for Uber in its driverless-car showdown with Waymo (aka Google) in February. Boies Schiller’s Karen Dunn co-led the team, coaching Travis Kalanick to an impressive performance that changed the course of a billion-dollar legal showdown. Points, too, to Melinda Haag and Walter Brown of Orrick, his personal lawyers, and new Uber general counsel Tony West – all 500 members this year.

You tell me it’s the constitution

Trump. Sanctuary cities. Immigration. Global trade. Taxes. Guns. Lawyers for and against all of those things are here, as is Donald McGahn, who’s steadily reshaping the federal judiciary not unlike another outsider President a few decades back.

One of the biggest legal showdowns continues to percolate a bit farther south in Guantanamo Bay, where the accused planners of 9/11 and other terrorist attacks continue to face the Preliminary Hearing of the Century. Because it’s lasting a Century. Also because lawyers for the prosecution and defense deal every day with Gordian knots of torture, procedure and the relationship of the present to the past to try to achieve something called justice. Even as the definition of what that is in this case gets further in the rearview mirror.

Well you know, we’re all doing what we can.

We’re proud of this year’s Lawdragon 500 for many reasons, including its inclusiveness, with 20 percent diversity and 34 percent women. #metoo has a home here, with lawyers suing and defending, as well as experiencing their own harassment and discrimination on their path to prominence.

These are lawyers who inspire with their public interest leadership, their vision of the rule of law and its relationship to our lives, our economies and our governance. They assess how to structure the most difficult deals, and how to counsel leaders who abuse, prevaricate and some who actually try to lead.

So you know it’s going to be all right. All right.

All right. All right.

Name Organization Location
Matthew Abbott Paul Weiss New York
Nancy Abell Paul Hastings Los Angeles
Linda Addison Norton Rose Fulbright New York
Angela Agrusa DLA Los Angeles
Michael Aiello Weil Gotshal New York
Tom Ajamie Ajamie Houston
Charla Aldous Aldous Walker Dallas
Mary Alexander Mary Alexander & Associates San Francisco
Rosemary Alito K&L Gates Newark
Samuel Alito U.S. Supreme Court Washington, D.C.
David Anders Wachtell New York
Antonia Apps Milbank New York
Stephen Arcano Skadden New York
Kurt Arnold Arnold & Itkin Houston
Clifford Aronson Skadden New York
Lisa Arrowood Arrowood Peters Boston
Kim Askew K&L Gates Dallas
Baher Azmy Center for Constitutional Rights New York
Andrew Bab Debevoise New York
Maria Baldini-Potermin Maria Baldini-Potermin & Associates Chicago
Corinne Ball Jones Day New York
Karen Ballack Weil Gotshal Redwood Shores, Calif.
Ian Ballon Greenberg Traurig East Palo Alto
Peter Barbur Cravath New York
Randall Baron Robbins Geller San Diego
Judy Barrasso Barrasso Usdin New Orleans
Michael Barry Grant & Eisenhofer Wilmington
Scott Barshay Paul Weiss New York
Charlene Barshefsky WilmerHale Washington, D.C.
George Bason Davis Polk New York
Hilarie Bass Greenberg Traurig Miami
Paul Basta Paul Weiss New York
JackBaughman Paul Weiss New York
Phil Beck Bartlit Beck Chicago
Candace Beinecke Hughes Hubbard New York
Karima Bennoune UC Davis Law School Davis, Calif.
Max Berger Bernstein Litowitz New York
Matthew F. Bergmann Winston Chicago
Barry Berke Kramer Levin New York
Steve Berman Hagens Berman Seattle
Erica Berthou Kirkland New York
Vineet Bhatia Susman Houston
Robert Bingle Corboy & Demetrio Chicago
Nigel Blackaby Freshfields Washington, D.C.
Lisa Blatt Arnold & Porter Washington, D.C.
Alexander Blewett Hoyt & Blewett Great Falls, Mont.
Steve Bochner Wilson Sonsini Palo Alto
David Boies Boies Schiller Armonk, N.Y.
Mary Bonauto GLBTQ Legal Advocates Boston
Cheryl Bormann Law Offices of Cheryl Bormann Chicago
Andre Bouchard Delaware Chancery Court Wilmington
Jamie Boucher Skadden Washington, D.C.
Ted Boutrous Gibson Dunn Los Angeles
Bruce Bowman Godwin Bowman & Martinez Dallas
David Braff Sullivan & Cromwell New York
Jennifer Bragg Skadden Washington, D.C.
John Branca Ziffren Brittenham Los Angeles
Richard Brand Cadwalader New York
Stephen Breyer U.S. Supreme Court Washington, D.C.
Brad Brian Munger Tolles Los Angeles
Loren Brown DLA New York
Paulette Brown Locke Lord Morristown, N.J.
Walter Brown Orrick San Francisco
John Browne Bernstein Litowitz New York
Andrew Brownstein Wachtell New York
Rhonda Brownstein Southern Poverty Law Center Montgomery, Ala.
Jocab Buchdahl Susman New York
Susanna Buergel Paul Weiss New York
John Buretta Cravath New York
Karen Burgess Richardson & Burgess Austin
Spencer Burkholz Robbins Geller San Diego
Elizabeth Cabraser Lieff Cabraser San Francisco
Peter Calamari Quinn Emanuel New York
Chris Caldwell Boies Schiller Los Angeles
Tim Cameron Cravath New York
Joshua Cammaker Wachtell New York
Raoul Cantero White & Case Miami
Craig Cardon Sheppard Mullin Los Angeles
Mike Carlinsky Quinn Emanuel New York
Mats Carlston Winston New York
George R Carlton, Jr. Godwin Bowman & Martinez Dallas
Bill Carmody Susman New York
James Carroll Skadden Boston
E. Leon Carter Carter Scholer Dallas
Douglas Cawley McKool Smith Dallas
Jonathan Cedarbaum WilmerHale Washington, D.C.
Neel Chatterjee Goodwin Menlo Park
Erwin Chemerinsky University of California, Berkeley, Law School Berkeley
Evan Chesler Cravath New York
Bobby Chesney University of Texas Law School Austin
Ken Choe Hogan Lovells Washington, D.C.
Apalla Chopra O’Melveny Los Angeles
James Clark Cahill Gordon New York
Shauna Clark Norton Rose Fulbright Houston
Kristen Clarke Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Washington, D.C.
Tracy-Elizabeth Clay Teach for America San Francisco
Jay Clayton SEC Washington, D.C.
Paul Clement Kirkland Washington, D.C.
Ty Cobb The White House Washington, D.C.
Linda Coberly Winston Chicago
Jay Cohen Paul Weiss New York
Lori Cohen Greenberg Traurig Atlanta
Mary Louise Cohen Phillips & Cohen Washington, D.C.
Robin Cohen McKool Smith New York
Vincent Cohen, Jr. Dechert Washington, D.C.
Jason Collins Reid Collins & Tsai LLP Austin
James Comey College of William & Mary Washington, D.C.
James Connell Connell Law Las Vegas
George Conway Wachtell New York
Philip Harnett Corboy, Jr. Corboy & Demetrio Chicago
Nina Cortell Haynes Boone Dallas
Christopher Cox Cadwalader New York
Heather Cruz Skadden New York
Steve D’Amore Winston Chicago
Lisa Damon Seyfarth Boston
Frank Darras DarrasLaw Ontario, Calif.
Susan Davies Kirkland Washington, D.C.
Cari Dawson Alston & Bird Atlanta
Catherine Dearlove Richards Layton Wilmington
Ariel Deckelbaum Paul Weiss New York
Makan Delrahim U.S. Department of Justice Washington, D.C.
Karin DeMasi Cravath New York
Thomas Demetrio Corboy & Demetrio Chicago
Mark Denbeaux Seton Hall South Orange, N.J.
Kelly Dermody Lieff Cabraser San Francisco
Jack DiCanio Skadden Palo Alto
Patricia Dodge Meyer Unkovic Pittsburgh
Diane Doolittle Quinn Emanuel Redwood Shores, Calif.
Bill Dougherty Simpson Thacher New York
Joe Drayton Cooley New York
Anthony Dreyer Skadden New York
Daniel Drosman Robbins Geller San Diego
David Drummond Alphabet Mountain View, Calif.
Karen Dunn Boies Schiller Washington, D.C.
Thomas E. Dunn Cravath New York
Daralyn Durie Durie Tangri San Francisco
Brian Duwe Skadden Chicago
Shay Dvoretzky Jones Day Washington, D.C.
Karen Dyer Boies Schiller Orlando
Jay Eisenhofer Grant & Eisenhofer New York
Khaled M. Abou El Fadl UCLA Law School Los Angeles
Dianne Elderkin Akin Gump Philadelphia
Michael Elkin Winston New York
Adam Emmerich Wachtell New York
Miguel Estrada Gibson Dunn Washington, D.C.
Ward Farnsworth University of Texas Law School Austin
Jeffrey Fisher Stanford Law School Stanford
Ora Fisher Latham Palo Alto
Fidelma Fitzpatrick Motley Rice Providence
Jayne Fleming Reed Smith New York
Jodi Flowers Motley Rice Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
Will Fogg Cravath New York
Parker Folse Susman Seattle
Mark Fowler DLA East Palo Alto
David Frederick Kellogg Hansen Washington, D.C.
Todd Freed Skadden New York
Joe Frumkin Sullivan & Cromwell New York
Agnieszka Fryszman Cohen Milstein Washington, D.C.
Alan S. Futerfas Law Offices of Alan S. Futerfas New York
Vijaya Gadde Twitter San Francisco
Kat Gallagher Beck Redden Houston
Kenneth Gallo Paul Weiss Washington, D.C.
Sergio Galvis Sullivan & Cromwell New York
James Garner Sher Garner New Orleans
Gregory Garre Latham Washington, D.C.
Steven Gavin Winston Chicago
Faith Gay Selendy & Gay New York
Karen Gaylord Jennings Haug Phoenix
Paul Geller Robbins Geller Boca Raton
Glenn Gerstell NSA Ft. George G. Meade, Md.
Robin Gibbs Gibbs & Bruns Houston
Lisa Gilford Skadden Los Angeles
Benjamin Ginsberg Jones Day Washington, D.C.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg U.S. Supreme Court Washington, D.C.
Thomas Girardi Girardi Keese Los Angeles
Robert Giuffra Sullivan & Cromwell New York
Patricia Glaser Glaser Weil Los Angeles
Rita Glavin Seward & Kissel New York
Donald Godwin Godwin Bowman & Martinez Dallas
Louis Goldberg Davis Polk New York
David Goldschmidt Skadden New York
Sandra Goldstein Cravath New York
Tom Goldstein Goldstein & Russell Bethesda, Md.
Elaine Golin Wachtell New York
Chuck Googe Paul Weiss New York
Jamie Gorelick WilmerHale Washington, D.C.
Neil Gorsuch U.S. Supreme Court Washington, D.C.
Ilene Knable Gotts Wachtell New York
Elizabeth Graham Grant & Eisenhofer Wilmington
Stuart Grant Grant & Eisenhofer Wilmington
Nicholas Gravante Boies Schiller New York
Salvatore Graziano Bernstein Litowitz New York
Mark Greene Cravath New York
Nicholas Groombridge Paul Weiss New York
Benjamin Gruenstein Cravath New York
Nina Gussack Pepper Hamilton Philadelphia
Lucas Guttentag Stanford Law School Stanford
Melinda Haag Orrick San Francisco
Richard Hall Cravath New York
James Harrington Harrington & Mahoney Buffalo
Erica Harris Susman Houston
Geoffrey Harrison Susman Houston
Natasha Harrison Boies Schiller London
Marcia Hatch Gunderson Dettmer Ann Arbor, Mich.
Michael Hausfeld Hausfeld Washington, D.C.
Richard Heimann Lieff Cabraser San Francisco
Edward Herlihy Wachtell New York
Steve Herman Herman Herman New Orleans
Lynne Hermle Orrick Menlo Park, Calif.
Anita Hill Cohen Milstein Washington, D.C.
Bob Hilliard Hilliard Munoz Corpus Christi, Texas
Marielena Hincapié National Immigration Law Center Los Angeles
Jennifer Hobbs Simpson Thacher New York
Eric Holder Covington Washington, D.C.
Hillary Holmes Gibson Dunn Houston
Arash Homampour The Homampour Law Firm Sherman Oaks, Calif.
Deneen Howell Williams & Connolly Washington, D.C.
Heidi Hubbard Williams & Connolly Washington, D.C.
Scott Humphries Gibbs & Bruns Houston
Matthew Hurd Sullivan & Cromwell New York
James Hurst Kirkland Chicago
Michelle Ifill Verizon Basking Ridge, N.J.
Sherrilyn Ifill NAACP-LDF New York
William Isaacson Boies Schiller Washington, D.C.
Jason Itkin Arnold & Itkin Houston
J. Eric Ivester Skadden New York
Rickey Ivie Ivie McNeill Los Angeles
Jameel Jaffer Columbia Law School New York
Rachel Jensen Robbins Geller San Diego
Jeh Johnson Paul Weiss New York
Nora Jordan Davis Polk New York
Elena Kagan U.S. Supreme Court Washington, D.C.
Meredith Kane Paul Weiss New York
Allan Kanner Kanner & Whiteley New Orleans
Stacy Kanter Skadden New York
Roberta Kaplan Kaplan & Co. New York
David Kappos Cravath New York
Alec Karakatsanis Civil Rights Corps Washington, D.C.
Brad Karp Paul Weiss New York
David Karp Wachtell New York
Neal Katyal Hogan Lovells Washington, D.C.
David Katz Wachtell New York
Skip Keesal Keesal Young Long Beach, Calif.
Christopher Keller Labaton Sucharow New York
Jennifer Keller Keller/Anderle Irvine, Calif.
David Kelley Dechert New York
Michael Kellogg Kellogg Hansen Washington, D.C.
Michael Kelly Walkup Melodia San Francisco
Erika Kelton Phillips & Cohen Washington, D.C.
Anthony Kennedy U.S. Supreme Court Washington, D.C.
Thomas Kennedy Skadden New York
Jeffrey Kessler Winston New York
Sang Kim DLA East Palo Alto
Susheel Kirpalani Quinn Emanuel New York
David Kistenbroker Dechert Chicago
Adam Klein Outten & Golden New York
Gayle Klein McKool Smith New York
Jeff Klein Weil Gotshal New York
Ethan Klingsberg Cleary Gottlieb New York
Edwin Kneedler Office of the Solicitor General Washington, D.C.
Linda Kornfeld Blank Rome Los Angeles
Josh Krevitt Gibson Dunn New York
Lea Haber Kuck Skadden New York
M. Natasha Labovitz Debevoise New York
Walter Lack Engstrom Lipscomb Los Angeles
William Lafferty Morris Nichols Wilmington
David Lam Wachtell New York
Jeffrey Lamken MoloLamken Washington, D.C.
Carolyn Lamm White & Case Washington, D.C.
Thomas Patrick Lane Winston New York
Mark Lanier Lanier Law Firm Houston
David Lash O’Melveny Los Angeles
Travis Laster Delaware Chancery Court Wilmington
Wendi Lazar Outten & Golden New York
Alejandro Gonzalez Lazzeri Skadden New York
Mark Lebovitch Bernstein Litowitz New York
Michelle Lee Stanford Law School Stanford
Karen Hoffman Lent Skadden New York
Sandra Leung Bristol-Myers Squibb New York
Harlan Levy Boies Schiller New York
Stuart Liner DLA Los Angeles
David Lira Girardi Keese Los Angeles
Judith Livingston Kramer Diloff New York
Derek Loeser Keller Rohrback Seattle
George Lombardi Winston Chicago
Jeremy D. London Skadden Washington, D.C.
Kathy Love McGinn Montoya Love & Curry Albuquerque
Jonathan Lowy Brady Center to Prevent Handgun Violence Washington, D.C.
Paola Lozano Skadden New York
Martin Lueck Robins Kaplan Minneapolis
Andrew Luh Gunderson Dettmer Redwood City, Calif.
Peter Lyons Freshfields New York
John Majoras Jones Day Washington, D.C.
Neal Manne Susman Houston
David Marriott Cravath New York
Michael Marsh Akerman Miami
Craig Martin Jenner Chicago
Katharine Martin Wilson Sonsini Palo Alto
Jenny Martinez Godwin Bowman & Martinez Dallas
Mark Martins Office of Military Commissions Alexandria, Va.
Samuel Matchett King & Spalding Atlanta
Colette Matzzie Phillips & Cohen Washington, D.C.
Darin McAtee Cravath New York
Donald McGahn The White House Washington, D.C.
Randi McGunn McGinn Montoya Love & Curry Albuquerque
Patrick McGroder Gallagher & Kennedy Phoenix
Mike McKool Mckool Smith Dallas
Chirstopher Meade Blackrock New York
Richard Meadow Lanier Law Firm Houston
Tom Melsheimer Winston Dallas
Roger Meltzer DLA New York
Mark Mendelsohn Paul Weiss Washington, D.C.
Jane Michaels Holland & Hart Denver
Ed Micheletti Skadden Wilmington
Donald Migliori Motley Rice Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
Betsy Miller Cohen Milstein Washington, D.C.
Matt Minner Hare Wynn Lexington, Ky.
Ted Mirvis Wachtell New York
Steve Molo MoloLamken New York
Michael Mone Esdaile Barrett Boston
Michael Mone, Jr. Esdaile Barrett Boston
Mike Moore Mike Moore Law Firm Flowood, Miss.
Thomas Moore Kramer Diloff New York
Mark Morton Potter Anderson Wilmington
Francis Patrick Murphy Corboy & Demetrio Chicago
Scott Musoff Skadden New York
Henry Nassau Dechert New York
Daniel Neff Wachtell New York
Jerry Neuman DLA Los Angeles
David Nevin Nevin Benjamin Boise
Blair Nicholas San Diego
Luke Nikas Quinn Emanuel New York
Sean O’Shea Boies Schiller New York
Regina Olshan Skadden New York
Kevin J. Orsini Cravath New York
Wayne Outten Outten & Golden New York
Brian Panish Panish Shea Los Angeles
Aaron Panner Kellogg Hansen Washington, D.C.
Robin Panovka Wachtell New York
Jackie Park DLA Los Angeles
C. Allen Parker Wells Fargo San Francisco
Stephanie Parker Jones Day Atlanta
Kirk Pasich Pasich LLP Los Angeles
Michael Paskin Cravath New York
Brian Pastuszenski Goodwin New York
Kathy Patrick Gibbs & Bruns Houston
Harriet Pearson Hogan Lovells Washington, D.C.
Luis Penalver Cahill Gordon New York
Kathleen Flynn Peterson Robins Kaplan Minneapolis
Stacy Phillips Blank Rome Los Angeles
Jonathan Polkes Weil Gotshal New York
Karen Popp Sidley Washington, D.C.
Joseph A.Power Power Rogers Chicago
Steven Quattlebaum Quattlebaum Grooms Little Rock
John Quinn Quinn Emanuel Los Angeles
Patrick Quinn Cadwalader New York
Intisar Rabb Harvard Law School Cambridge
Vered Rabia Skadden New York
Brian Ratner Hausfeld Washington, D.C.
Ricky Raven Reed Smith Houston
Noelle Reed Skadden Houston
Thomas Reid Davis Polk New York
Wiliam T. Reid, IV Reid Collins & Tsai LLP Austin
Julie Goldsmith Reiser Cohen Milstein Washington, D.C.
Lorin Reisner Paul Weiss New York
Alison Ressler Sullivan & Cromwell Los Angeles
Michael T. Reynolds Cravath New York
Joe Rice Motley Rice Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
David Rievman Skadden New York
David Ring Taylor & Ring Manhattan Beach, Calif.
Darren Robbins Robbins Geller San Diego
John Roberts U.S. Supreme Court Washington, D.C.
Graham Robinson Skadden Boston
Cristina Rodriguez Yale Law School New Haven
Alex Romain Hueston Hennigan Los Angeles
Anthony Romero ACLU New York
Steven Rosenblum Wachtell New York
Rod Rosenstein U.S. Department of Justice Washington, D.C.
Hannah Ross Bernstein Litowitz New York
James Rubin Butler Rubin Chicago
Joel Rubinstein Winston New York
Kim Rucker Tesoro San Antonio
Sam Rudman Robbins Geller Melville, N.Y.
Kathryn Ruemmler Latham Washington, D.C.
Walter Ruiz Ruiz Law Arlington, Va.
Rick Rule Paul Weiss Washington, D.C.
Miles Ruthberg Latham New York
Antony Ryan Cravath New York
Ed Ryan Guantanamo Military Commissions Washington, D.C.
Frank Ryan DLA New York
Elizabeth Sacksteder Paul Weiss New York
Faiza Saeed Cravath New York
Susan Saltzstein Skadden New York
Patrick Salvi Salvi Schostok Chicago
Patrick Salvi, II Salvi Schostok Chicago
Hollis Salzman Robins Kaplan New York
P. Anthony Sammi Skadden New York
Lynn Lincoln Sarko Keller Rohrback Seattle
John Savarese Wachtell New York
William Savitt Wachtell New York
Shira Scheindlin Stroock New York
Jonathan Schiller Boies Schiller New York
Ivan Schlager Skadden Washington, D.C.
Allison Schneirov Skadden New York
George Schoen Cravath New York
Robert Schumer Paul Weiss New York
Ronald Schutz Robins Kaplan Minneapolis
Chris Seeger Seeger Weiss New York
Andre Segura ACLU New York
Philippe Selendy Selendy & Gay New York
Joseph Sellers Cohen Milstein Washington, D.C.
Karen Patton Seymour Goldman Sachs New York
Kannon Shanmugam Williams & Connolly Washington, D.C.
Nina Shaw Del Shaw Los Angeles
Carney Shegerian Shegerian & Associates Santa Monica
Joseph Shenker Sullivan & Cromwell New York
Leopold Sher Sher Garner New Orleans
Paul Shim Cleary Gottlieb New York
Gina Shishima Norton Rose Fulbright Austin
Roman Silberfeld Robins Kaplan Los Angeles
Dawn Siler-Nixon Ford Harrison Tampa
Jerry Silk Bernstein Litowitz New York
Stuart Singer Boies Schiller Ft. Lauderdale
Joe Siprut Siprut PC Chicago
Tom Siracusa Power Rogers & Smith Chicago
Rachel Skaistis Cravath New York
Daniel Slifkin Cravath New York
Daniel Small Cohen Milstein Washington, D.C.
Jonathan Smith Muslim Advocates Oakland
Leslie Smith Kirkland Chicago
Todd Smith Power Rogers Chicago
Abby Cohen Smutny White & Case Washington, D.C.
Robyn Minter Smyers Thompson Hine Cleveland
Teresa Snider Butler Rubin Chicago
David Sochia McKool Smith Dallas
Amy Solomon Girardi Keese Los Angeles
Sonia Sotomayor U.S. Supreme Court Washington, D.C.
Grace Speights Morgan Lewis Washington, D.C.
Richard Stark Cravath New York
Ann Beth Stebbins Skadden New York
Cate Stetson Hogan Lovells Washington, D.C.
Bryan Stevenson Equal Justice Initiative Montgomery, Ala.
Ted Stevenson McKool Smith Dallas
David Stickney Bernstein Litowitz San Diego
Christina Storm Lawyers Without Borders New Haven
Adam Streisand Sheppard Mullin Los Angeles
Lawrence Sucharow Labaton Sucharow New York
Diane Sullivan Weil Gotshal Princeton, N.J.
Kathleen Sullivan Quinn Emanuel New York
Steve Susman Susman Houston
Tara Sutton Robins Kaplan Minneapolis
Bonny Sweeney Hausfeld San Francisco
Dona Szak Ajamie Houston
Errol Taylor Milbank New York
John C. Taylor Taylor & Ring Los Angeles
Tina Tchen Buckley Sandler Chicago
Anita Wallace Thomas Nelson Mullins Atlanta
Clarence Thomas U.S. Supreme Court Washington, D.C.
Peter Thomas Simpson Thacher Washington, D.C.
Sally Thurston Skadden New York
David Tolbert International Center for Transitional Justice New York
Steve Toll Cohen Milstein Washington, D.C.
Robert Townsend Cravath New York
William Treanor Georgetown University Law School Washington, D.C.
Max Tribble Susman Houston
Lisa Tsai Reid Collins & Tsai LLP Austin
Jonathan Turley George Washington University Law School Washington, D.C.
Jonathan Tycko Tycko & Zavareei Washington, D.C.
Danielle Varnell Jones Day Washington, D.C.
Christine Varney Cravath New York
Kathi Vidal Winston Menlo Park, Calif.
Donald Vieira Skadden Washington, D.C.
Wanji Walcott PayPal San Jose
Jim Walden Walden Macht New York
Leigh Walton Bass Berry Nashville
Cecillia Wang ACLU New York
Maurice Watson Husch Blackwell Kansas City
Seth Waxman WilmerHale Washington, D.C.
Ted Wells Paul Weiss New York
Tony West Uber San Francisco
William Whelan Cravath New York
Lexie White Susman Houston
Conlee Whiteley Kanner & Whiteley New Orleans
Doug Wigdor Wigdor Law New York
K. Craig Wildfang Robins Kaplan Minneapolis
Beth Wilkinson Wilkinson Walsh Washington, D.C.
Gregory Williams Richards Layton Wilmington
Shawn Williams Robbins Geller San Francisco
Steven Williams Paul Weiss New York
Donna Wilson Manatt Los Angeles
Jamie Wine Latham New York
Richard C. Witzel, Jr. Skadden Chicago
Marc Wolinsky Wachtell New York
Debra Wong Yang Gibson Dunn Los Angeles
Bruce Yannett Debevoise New York
Sally Yates Georgetown University Law School Washington, D.C.
Steve Yerrid The Yerrid Firm Tampa
Hassan Zavareei Tycko & Zavareei Washington, D.C.
Taurie Zeitzer Paul Weiss New York
Damien Zoubek Cravath New York
Paul Zumbro Cravath New York
Lawrence Zweifach Gibson Dunn New York