Lawdragon Plaintiff Consumer Hall of Fame Members

There would be no Lawdragon without the great plaintiff lawyers of America. Since we founded our company in 2005, we have been honored to write about those lawyers who go to court for injured consumers. It was only natural when, in 2015, we created our Lawdragon Hall of Fame, that those lawyers would be well represented. Once a lawyer is selected for our Hall of Fame, they are no longer included in new guides.

The publication of our Lawdragon 500 Leading Plaintiff Consumer Lawyers is a reminder of the 25 legendary and iconic lawyers, listed below, who grace our Hall of Fame from the plaintiff consumer bar.

Name Organization Location
Wylie Aitken Aitken Aitken Santa Ana, Calif.
Jere Beasley Beasley Allen Montgomery, Ala.
Roy Black Black Srebnick Miami
Bruce Broillet Greene Broillet Santa Monica, Calif.
Michael Ciresi Ciresi Conlin Minneapolis
Roxanne Barton Conlin Conlin & Associates Des Moines
Joseph Cotchett Cotchett Pitre Burlingame, Calif.
David Dean Sullivan Papain New York
James Ferguson Ferguson Chambers Charlotte, N.C.
Gary Fox Stewart Tilghman Miami
Browne Greene Greene Broillet Santa Monica, Calif.
Dicky Grigg Spivey & Grigg Austin
Russ Herman Herman Herman New Orleans
Judith Livingston Kramer Dillof New York
Patrick McGroder Beus Gilbert Phoenix
Thomas Moore Kramer Dillof New York
Jack Olender Jack Olender Law Firm Washington, D.C.
Mike Papantonio Levin Papantonio Pensacola, Fla.
Kathleen Flynn Peterson Ciresi Conlin Minneapolis
Larry Rogers Sr. Power Rogers Chicago
Christian Searcy Searcy Denney West Palm, Fla.
Gerry Spence Spence Law Firm Jackson, Wyo.
Broadus Spivey Spivey & Grigg Austin
Larry Stewart Stewart Tilghman Miami
William Whitehurst Whitehurst Harkness Austin