The 2020 Lawdragon 500 Leading Plaintiff Consumer Lawyers
The 2020 Lawdragon 500 Leading Plaintiff Consumer Lawyers

My brother went back to work today.

He’s an essential worker in the Midwest whose essentialness is his skills at keeping machinery working that helps firetrucks respond to those in need.

He’s essential to me because I love him.

There weren’t no rats here.”

People are ill and dying.


Henry Bronx.

Laura C. Brooklyn.

Jonathan NYC.

David NJ.

Dear God. We’re sorry. Those are members of the Lawdragon extended family and all are OK.

We pray.

Katie is on the front lines at Memorial Sloan Kettering. Every doctor we ever knew is in harm’s way alongside nurses, paramedics and those who give us all a chance.

We see our loved ones through the window, or wish we could one more time.

Oh, I suppose it’s an epidemic they’ve been having.”

And if that’s not the dreariest introduction to a Lawdragon 500 guide ever, let’s just say there’s never been a time like this.

Lawyers who represent people who have been injured, killed or abused are dismissed. Belittled. Ambulance chasers.

Until tragedy befalls someone.

And then, yes, then, they are the most important person in your life.

Each and every member of the 2020 Lawdragon 500 Leading Plaintiff Consumer Lawyers in America is remarkable. They face the longest odds every day to stand up for what they believe in. Much is made of their victories - when a merchant of toxic chemicals, for example, is held accountable against all odds. Sparse notice is given to the cases that get away, where an overwhelming defense or impossible case leaves them alone, end of the day.

The Plaintiff Consumer 500 range from coast to coast, counseling grieving family members, finding pathways to justice for those who have been harmed or killed. Among them are lawyers who have won billions of dollars from pharmaceutical companies and other purveyors of dangerous products. Fearless counsel who take on the toughest sexual abuse cases. An attorney who is at this moment advising someone who mourns a brother lost to the pandemic, a mother fallen ill.

Today, we are all that someone.

We lock arms, march forward and believe. And regard as perhaps never before the 500 warriors on this guide who will fight for your loved ones as you would.

Stay safe. Dare to hope.

Name Organization Location
Terry Abeyta* Abeyta-Nelson Yakima, Wash.
Michael Abourezk Abourezk & Garcia Rapid City, S.D.
Mark Abramson Abramson Brown Manchester, N.H.
Robert Adams Eglet Adams Las Vegas
Marijo Adimey Gair Gair New York
Wylie Aitken* Aitken Aitken Santa Ana, Calif.
Michael Akselrud Lanier Law Firm Woodland Hills, Calif.
Charla Aldous Aldous Walker Dallas
Brian Alexander Kreindler & Kreindler New York
Mary Alexander Mary Alexander & Associates San Francisco
Greg Allen Beasley Allen Mongtomery, Ala.
Parvin Aminolroaya Seeger Weiss New York
Robert Ammons Ammons Law Firm Houston
Jennie  Lee Anderson Andrus Anderson San Francisco
Patricia Anderson Luvera Law Firm Seattle
Lori Andrus Andrus Anderson San Francisco
Michael Angelides Simmons Hanly Alton, Ill.
Donald Arbitblit Lieff Cabraser San Francisco
Mike Arias Arias Sanguinetti Los Angeles
Kurt Arnold Arnold & Itkin Houston
Lisa Arrowood Arrowood Boston
Richard Arsenault Neblett Beard Alexandria, La.
D. Leon Ashford Hare Wynn Birmingham, Ala.
Jennifer Ashley Salvi Schostok Waukegan, Ill.
Christopher Aumais Girardi Keese Los Angeles
Mark Avera Avera & Smith Gainesville, Fla.
Thomas Ayala Grant & Eisenhofer Wilmington
J. Kyle Bachus Bachus & Schanker Denver
Kimberly Barone Baden Motley Rice Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
Khaldoun Baghdadi Walkup Melodia San Francisco
Rosalyn ‘Sia’ Baker-Barnes Searcy Denney West Palm, Fla.
Daniel Balaban Balaban Spielberger Los Angeles
Beth Baldinger Mazie Slater Roseland, N.J.
Lee Balefsky Kline & Specter Philadelphia
Joseph Balesteri Power Rogers Chicago
Patrick Barry Decof Barry Mega & Quinn Providence, R.I.
David ‘Chip’ Barry Jr. Corboy & Demetrio Chicago
Vincent Bartolotta Thorsnes Bartolotta San Diego
June Bashant Rouda Feder San Francisco
Michael Baum Baum Hedlund Los Angeles
Jere Beasley* Beasley Allen Montgomery, Ala.
Bradley Beckworth Nix Patterson Austin
David Benninger Luvera Law Firm Seattle
Esther Berezofsky Motley Rice Cherry Hill, N.J.
Steve Berman Hagens Berman Seattle
Nadeem Bezar Kline & Specter Philadelphia
David Bianchi Stewart Tilghman Miami
Andy Birchfield Beasley Allen Montgomery, Ala.
Roy Black* Black Srebnick Miami
Gayle Blatt Casey Gerry San Diego
Bryan Blevins Jr. Provost Umphrey Beaumont, Texas
Alexander Blewett* Hoyt & Blewett Great Falls, Mont.
Jerome Block Levy Konigsberg New York
Michael Block Sullivan Papain New York
Jeffrey Bloom Gair Gair New York
Patricia Bobb Patricia Bobb Chicago
Shoshana Bookson Tolmage Peskin
LaBarron Boone Beasley Allen Montgomery, Ala.
Rainey Booth Littlepage Booth Houston
James Bostwick Bostwick & Peterson San Francisco
Raymond Boucher Boucher LLP Woodland Hills, Calif.
Beverly Bove Law Office Wilmington
Kevin Boyle Panish Shea Los Angeles
Margaret Moses Branch Branch Law Firm Albuquerque
Thomas Brandi Brandi Law Firm San Francisco
Debbie Dudley Branson Law Office of Frank Branson Dallas
Frank Branson Law Office of Frank Branson Dallas
Gregory Breedlove Cunningham Bounds Mobile, Ala.
E. Drew Britcher Britcher Leone Glen Rock, N.J.
Anne Marie Brockland Casey Devoti St. Louis
Quentin Brogdon Crain Brogdon Rogers Dallas
Bruce Broillet* Greene Broillet Santa Monica, Calif.
Alex Brown Lanier Law Firm Houston
Joseph M. ‘Buddy’ Brown Cunningham Bounds Mobile, Ala.
Thomas Brown The Brown Law Firm Houston
Toby Brown Cunningham Bounds Mobile, Ala.
Devon Bruce Power Rogers Chicago
David Buchanan Seeger Weiss New York
Virginia Buchanan Levin Papantonio Pensacola, Fla.
Richard F. Burke Jr. Clifford Law Offices Chicago
Michael Burrage Whitten Burrage
Kenneth Byrd Lieff Cabraser Nashville
Elizabeth Cabraser Lieff Cabraser San Francisco
David Cain Jr. Cunningham Bounds Mobile, Ala.
Clair Campbell Campbell & Associates Charlotte, N.C.
Robert Carey Hagens Berman Phoenix
Diana Carnemolla Gair Gair New York
Tom Carse Carse Law Firm Dallas
David Casey Casey Gerry San Diego
Stewart Casper Casper & de Toledo Stamford, Conn.
Stacey Cavanagh Cavanagh Law Group Chicago
Timothy Cavanagh Cavanagh Law Group Chicago
Mark Chalos Lieff Cabraser Nashville
Deborah Chang Panish Shea Los Angeles
Doris Cheng Walkup Melodia San Francisco
Cynthia Chihak Chihak  & Martel San Diego
Michael Ciresi* Ciresi Conlin Minneapolis
Denyse Clancy Kazan McClain Oakland, Calif.
Robert Clayton Taylor & Ring Manhattan Beach, Calif.
Robert Clifford Clifford Law Offices Chicago
Eleni Coffinas Sullivan Papain New York
Gary Cohen Grossman Roth Coral Gables, Fla.
Howard Coker Coker Law Jacksonville, Fla.
John Coletti Paulson Coletti Portland, Ore.
Dean Colson Colson Hicks Coral Gables, Fla.
Jan Conlin* Ciresi Conlin Minneapolis
Roxanne Barton Conlin* Conlin & Associates Des Moines
Jayne Conroy Simmons Hanly New York
Ralph Cook* Hare Wynn Birmingham, Ala.
Monica A. Cooper Lanier Law Firm
Erin Copeland Fibich Leebron
Leto Copeley White Stradley Durham, N.C.
Philip Harnett Corboy Jr Corboy & Demetrio Chicago
Joseph Cotchett* Cotchett Pitre Burlingame, Calif.
Fred Cunninngham Domnick Cunningham Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.
Katie Curry McGinn Montoya Albuquerque
Lisa Dagostino Kline & Specter Philadelphia
Michael Danko Danko Meredith Redwood City, Calif.
Frank Darras DarrasLaw Ontario, Calif.
Mark Davis* Davis Levin Honolulu
David Dean* Sullivan Papain New York
Jessica Dean Dean Omar Dallas
Kevin Dean Motley Rice Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
A. Roy DeCaro Raynes McCarty Philadelphia
Mark Decof Decof Barry Mega & Quinn Providence, R.I.
Michael Demetrio Corboy & Demetrio Chicago
Thomas Demetrio Corboy & Demetrio Chicago
Victoria deToledo Casper & de Toledo Stamford, Conn.
Tara Devine Salvi Schostok Waukegan, Ill.
David Dickens The Miller Firm Orange, Va.
David Dickey Yerrid Law Firm Tampa, Fla.
Paulina do Amaral Lieff Cabraser New York
Christopher Dolan Dolan Law Firm San Francisco
Sean Domnick Domnick Cunningham Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.
Dennis Donnelly The Donnelly Law Firm Summit, N.J.
Gary Dordick Dordick Law Beverly Hills, Calif.
Micah Dortch Potts Law Firm Dallas
Kimberly Dougherty Andrus Wagstaff Boston
Carl Douglas Douglas Hicks Los Angeles
Daniel Dunbar Panish Shea Los Angeles
Kendall Dunson Beasley Allen Montgomery, Ala.
Kevin Durkin Clifford Law Offices Chicago
Emmanuel Edem Norman & Edem Oklahoma City
Brad Edwards Edwards Pottinger Ft. Lauderdale
Robert Eglet Eglet Adams Las Vegas
Tracy Eglet Eglet Adams Las Vegas
Lewis ‘Mike’ Eidson Colson Hicks Coral Gables, Fla.
Michael Elsner Motley Rice Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
Mike Ermert Hare Wynn Birmingham, Ala.
Regina Etherton Etherton & Associates Chicago
Ingrid Evans Evans Law Firm San Francisco
Karen Evans The Cochran Firm Washington, D.C.
Elizabeth Faiella Faiella & Gulden Winter Park, Fla.
Thomas J. Farmer Law Office of Frank Branson Dallas
John Feder Rouda Feder San Francisco
Elizabeth Fegan Fegan Scott Chicago
Alan Feldman Feldman Shepherd Philadelphia
Bibianne Fell Fell Law San Diego
James Ferguson* Ferguson Chambers Charlotte, N.C.
Steven Fineman Lieff Cabraser New York
George Finkbohner III Cunningham Bounds Mobile, Ala.
Ed Fisher Provost Umphrey Beaumont, Texas
Joe Fisher II Provost Umphrey Beaumont, Texas
Fidelma Fitzpatrick Motley Rice Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
Wendy Fleishman Lieff Cabraser New York
Frank Floriani Sullivan Papain New York
Jodi Flowers Motley Rice Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
Kathryn Forgie Andrus Wagstaff Oakland, Calif.
Keith Forman Wais Vogelstein Baltimore
Carol Forte Blume Forte Chatham, N.J.
Gary Fox* Stewart Tilghman Miami
Jan Woodward Fox Law Offices of Jan Woodward Fox Houston
Robert  Francavilla Casey Gerry San Diego
Carrie Frank Klein Frank Boulder, Colo.
Aaron Freiwald Freiwald Law Philadelphia
David Fried Blume Forte Chatham, N.J.
Agnieszka Fryszman Cohen Milstein Washington, D.C.
Brenda Fulmer Searcy Denney West Palm, Fla.
Simone Fulmer Fulmer Sill Oklahoma City
Anthony Gair Gair Gair New York
Reena Gambhir Hausfeld Washington, D.C.
Deborah Gander Colson Hicks Coral Gables, Fla.
Alicia Garcia Abourezk & Garcia Rapid City, S.D.
Stephen Garcia Garcia Artigliere Long Beach, Calif.
Sekou Gary Gary Williams Stuart, Fla.
Willie Gary Gary Williams Stuart, Fla.
Jonathan Gdanski Schlesinger Law Offices Ft. Lauderdale
Laura Benitez Geisler Sommerman McCaffity Dallas
Robert Gellatly Luvera Law Firm Seattle
Rachel Geman Lieff Cabraser New York
Victor George Law Office of Victor George Torrance, Calif.
Eric Gibbs Gibbs Law Group Oakland, Calif.
William T. Gibbs Corboy & Demetrio Chicago
Scott Gilmore Hausfeld Washington, D.C.
Thomas Girardi* Girardi Keese Los Angeles
Thomas Giuffra Rheingold Giuffra New York
Chris Glover Beasley Allen Atlanta
John Goetz Schwebel Goetz Minneapolis
Larry Golston Beasley Allen Atlanta
Ralph Gonzalez Yerrid Law Firm Tampa, Fla.
Jeffrey Gordon Lesser Lesser Boca Raton
James Gotz Hausfeld Boston
Brent Goudarzi Goudarzi & Young Gilmer, Texas
Elizabeth Graham Grant & Eisenhofer Wilmington
Jeffrey Grand Seeger Weiss Ridgefield Park, N.J.
Mark Gray Gray & White Louisville, Ky.
Justin Green Kreindler & Kreindler New York
Vincent L. Green IV Motley Rice Providence, R.I.
Browne Greene* Greene Broillet Santa Monica, Calif.
David Greenstone Simon Greenstone Panatier Dallas
Dicky Grigg* Spivey & Grigg Austin
Stuart Grossman Grossman Roth Coral Gables, Fla.
Amy Guth Kline & Specter Philadelphia
Michael Haggard The Haggard Firm Coral Gables, Fla.
Chris Hamilton Hamilton Wingo Dallas
Paul  Hanly Jr. Simmons Hanly New York
Christian Hartley Maune Raichle St. Louis, Mo.
Michael Hausfeld Hausfeld Washington, D.C.
Edward Havas Dewsnup King Salt Lake City
Lexi Hazam Lieff Cabraser San Francisco
Denman Heard Heard Law Firm Houston
Dara Hegar Lanier Law Firm Houston
Charles Hehmeyer Raynes McCarty Philadelphia
Richard Heimann* Lieff Cabraser San Francisco
Russ Herman* Herman Herman New Orleans
Steve Herman Herman Herman New Orleans
Frank Herrera Jr. The Herrera Law Firm San Antonio
John Herrick Motley Rice Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
Charles Herrmann Herrmann  Law Group Seattle
Lara Herrmann Herrmann  Law Group Seattle
Nancy Hersh Hersh & Hersh San Francisco
Howard Hershenhorn Gair Gair New York
Arash Homampour The Homampour Firm Sherman Oaks, Calif.
Jim Horwitz Koskoff Koskoff Bridgeport, Conn.
Kenneth Hovermale Hovermale Law Portland, Maine
Daniel Iracki Coker Law Jacksonville, Fla.
Cory Itkin Arnold & Itkin Houston
Jason Itkin Arnold & Itkin Houston
Evan Janush Lanier Law Firm New York
Rhon  Jones Beasley Allen Montgomery, Ala.
Joseph Kalbac Jr. Colson Hicks Coral Gables, Fla.
Julie Braman Kane Colson Hicks Coral Gables, Fla.
Brian Katz Herman Herman New Orleans
Steven Kazan Kazan McClain Oakland, Calif.
Christopher Keane Keane Law Firm San Francisco
Anne McGinness Kearse Motley Rice Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
Don Keenan Keenan Law Firm Atlanta
Diogenes Kekatos Seeger Weiss New York
Michael Kelly Walkup Melodia San Francisco
Leslie Kelmachter Silver & Kelmachter New York
Keith Kessler Stritmatter Kessler Seattle
Marlon Kimpson Motley Rice Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
Colin King Dewsnup King Salt Lake City
Robert J. King Jr. Ciresi Conlin Minneapolis
Aimee Kirby Dolan Law Firm Los Angeles
David Kirby Edwards Kirby Raleigh, N.C.
Daniel Kirschner Corboy & Demetrio Chicago
Beth Klein Klein Frank Boulder, Colo.
Thomas Kline Kline & Specter Philadelphia
Mary Koch Wais Vogelstein Baltimore
Karen Koehler Stritmatter Kessler Seattle
Alison Kohler Dugan Babij Timonium, Md.
Michelle Kohut Corboy & Demetrio Chicago
Robert Komitor Levy Konigsberg New York
Josh Koskoff Koskoff Koskoff Bridgeport, Conn.
James Kreindler Kreindler & Kreindler New York
Scott Krist Krist Law Firm Houston
Leslie Kroeger Cohen Milstein Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.
Noah Kushlefsky Kreindler & Kreindler New York
David Kuttles Lanier Law Firm New York
Walter Lack Engstrom Lipscomb Los Angeles
Frank LaMothe LaMothe Law Firm New Orleans
Joseph Landy Lesser Lesser West Palm, Fla.
W. Mark Lanier Lanier Law Firm Houston
Timothy Lawn Raynes McCarty Philadelphia
Jennifer Lawrence The Lawrence Firm Covington, Ky.
Richard Lawrence The Lawrence Firm Covington, Ky.
Marianne LeBlanc Sugarman Boston
Matt Leckman Littlepage Booth Houston
Stephan LeClainche Cohen Milstein Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.
James Ledlie Motley Rice Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
Scott Leeds The Cochran Firm Plantation, Fla.
Katie Crosby Lehmann Ciresi Conlin Minneapolis
Theodore Leopold Cohen Milstein Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.
Gary Lesser Lesser Lesser West Palm, Fla.
Zarah Levin-Fragasso Lanier Law Firm New York
James Lewis Taylor & Ring Manhattan Beach, Calif.
Jeannete Lewis Lewis Legal Group Plantation, Fla.
Richard Lewis Hausfeld Washington, D.C.
Robert Lewis The Lawrence Firm Covington, Ky.
Micha Liberty Liberty Law Oakland, Calif.
Graham LippSmith Kasdan LippSmith Los Angeles
David Lira Girardi Keese Los Angeles
Zoe Littlepage Littlepage Booth Houston
Judith Livingston* Kramer Dillof New York
Michael Livingston* Davis Levin Honolulu
Ramon Lopez Lopez  McHugh Newport Beach, Calif.
Kathy Love McGinn Montoya Albuquerque
Kenneth Lumb Corboy & Demetrio Chicago
Thomas Luneau Casey Gerry San Diego
Michael Lyons Lyons & Simmons Dallas
Stephen Mackauf Gair Gair New York
Francisco Maderal Colson Hicks Coral Gables, Fla.
Raj Mahadass PMR Law Houston
Moshe Maimon Levy Konigsberg New York
Mitchell Makowicz Blume Forte Chatham, N.J.
Adam Malone Malone Law Office Atlanta
Andrew Maloney III Kreindler & Kreindler New York
Steven Marks Podhurst Orseck Miami
Amy Rose Martel Chihak  & Martel San Diego
Annika Martin Lieff Cabraser New York
Reid Martin Martin Walker Tyler, Texas
Roberto Martinez Colson Hicks Coral Gables, Fla.
Ricardo Martinez-Cid Podhurst Orseck Miami
Angela Mason The Cochran Firm Dothan, Ala.
Neil Maune Maune Raichle St. Louis, Mo.
David Mazie Mazie Slater Roseland, N.J.
Niall McCarthy Cotchett Pitre Burlingame, Calif.
David McClain Kazan McClain Oakland, Calif.
Craig McClellan McClellan Law Firm San Diego
James McEldrew McEldrew Young Philadelphia
Randi McGinn McGinn Montoya Albuquerque
Christopher McGrath Sullivan Papain Garden City, N.Y.
Patrick McGroder* Beus Gilbert Phoenix
Cynthia McGuinn Rouda Feder San Francisco
John F. ‘Mickey’ McGuire Thorsnes Bartolotta San Diego
Martin McLean Hagens Berman Seattle
Thomas McManus Sullivan Papain New York
Randy McMurray McMurray Henriks Los Angeles
Rick Meadow Lanier Law Firm Houston
Ted Meadows Beasley Allen Montgomery, Ala.
Andje Medina Altair Law San Francisco
Marco Mercaldo Mercaldo Law Firm Tucson, Ariz.
Ron Mercaldo Mercaldo Law Firm Tucson, Ariz.
Kristine Meredith Danko Meredith Redwood City, Calif.
Derek Merman Heard Law Firm Houston
Jordan Merson Kline & Specter New York
Tom Methvin Beasley Allen Montgomery, Ala.
Donald Migliori Motley Rice Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
Dee Miles Beasley Allen Montgomery, Ala.
Betsy Miller Cohen Milstein Washington, D.C.
Michael Miller The Miller Firm Orange, Va.
Nancy Gray Armstrong  Miller The Miller Firm Orange, Va.
Ronald Miller Miller & Zois Baltimore
Matthew Minner Hare Wynn Lexington, Ky.
Marc Moller Kreindler & Kreindler New York
Robert Mongeluzzi Saltz Mongeluzzi Philadelphia
A. Elicia Montoya McGinn Montoya Albuquerque
Patrick Montoya Colson Hicks Coral Gables, Fla.
Jennifer Moore Moore Law Group Louisville, Ky.
Thomas Moore* Kramer Dillof New York
John Morgan Morgan Morgan Orlando
Mary Ann Morgan Morgan Trial Law Winter Park, Fla.
J. Kevin Morrison Altair Law San Francisco
Jane Morrow Otorowski  Morrow Bainbridge, Wash.
Elizabeth Mulvey Crowe & Mulvey Boston
Daniel Munley Munley Munley Scranton, Penn.
Marion Munley Munley Munley Scranton, Penn.
Francis Patrick Murphy Corboy & Demetrio Chicago
Majed Nachawati Fears Nachawati Dallas
Kathleen Nastri Koskoff Koskoff Bridgeport, Conn.
Robert Nelson Lieff Cabraser San Francisco
Marie Ng Sullivan Papain New York
Minh Nguyen Nguyen Lawyers
Darren Nicholson Burns Charest Dallas
Nanci Nishimura Cotchett Pitre Burlingame, Calif.
Harold Nix Nix Patterson Daingerfield, Texas
Leslie Nixon Nixon Vogelman Manchester, N.H.
Victoria Nugent Cohen Milstein Washington, D.C.
Leigh O’Dell Beasley Allen Montgomery, Ala.
Steven Offutt Wais Vogelstein Baltimore
Ann Oldfather Oldfather Law Firm Louisville, Ky.
Jack Olender* Jack Olender Law Firm Washington, D.C.
Jami Oliver Oliver Law Offices Dublin,  Ohio
David Olsen Dewsnup King Salt Lake City
Christopher Otorowski Otorowski  Morrow Bainbridge, Wash.
Chris J. Panatier Simon Greenstone Panatier Dallas
Brian Panish Panish Shea Los Angeles
Nicholas Papain Sullivan Papain New York
Mike Papantonio* Levin Papantonio Pensacola, Fla.
Tej Paranjpe PMR Law Houston
Michelle Parfitt Ashcraft & Gerel Washington, D.C.
Lorraine Parker Parker Lipman Denver
D’Juana Parks Provost Umphrey Beaumont, Texas
C. Cary Patterson Nix Patterson Texarkana, Texas
Jane Paulson Paulson Coletti Portland, Ore.
Brandon Peak Butler Wooten Columbus, Ga.
Thomas Penfield Casey Gerry San Diego
Cheryl Perkins Whetstone Perkins Columbia, S.C.
Craig Peters Altair Law San Francisco
Kathleen Flynn Peterson* Ciresi Conlin Minneapolis
Rebecca Phillips Lanier Law Firm Houston
Roberta Pichini Feldman Shepherd Philadelphia
Frank Pitre Cotchett Pitre Burlingame, Calif.
James Pizzirusso Hausfeld Washington, D.C.
Cole Portis Beasley Allen Atlanta
Derek Potts Potts Law Firm Houston
Scott Powell Hare Wynn Birmingham, Ala.
Joseph Power Power Rogers Chicago
Thomas Power Power Rogers Chicago
Gary Praglin Cotchett Pitre Santa Monica, Calif.
Jessica Klarer Pride Pride Law
Mark Proctor Levin Papantonio Pensacola, Fla.
George ‘Tex’ Quesada Sommerman McCaffity Dallas
Kevin F. Quinn Thorsnes Bartolotta San Diego
Troy Rafferty Levin Papantonio Pensacola, Fla.
Marcus Raichle Jr. Maune Raichle St. Louis, Mo.
Audrey Perlman Raphael Levy Konigsberg New York
Jeffrey Rasansky Rasansky Law Firm Dallas
Ramon Rasco Podhurst Orseck Miami
Rahul Ravipudi Panish Shea Los Angeles
Stephen Raynes Raynes McCarty Philadelphia
Carey Reilly Koskoff Koskoff Bridgeport, Conn.
Melissa Rhea Jack Olender Law Firm Washington, D.C.
David Rheingold Rheingold Giuffra New York
Joseph Rice Motley Rice Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
Amanda Riddle Corey Danko Gibbs Chico, Calif.
David Ring Taylor & Ring Manhattan Beach, Calif.
Lyssa Roberts Panish Shea Los Angeles
Cindy Robinson Tremont Sheldon Bridgeport, Conn.
Daniel Robinson Robinson Calcagnie Newport Beach, Calif.
Mark Robinson Robinson Calcagnie Newport Beach, Calif.
Sarah Rogers Crain Brogdon Rogers Dallas
Larry Rogers Jr Power Rogers Chicago
Larry Rogers Sr. * Power Rogers Chicago
Daniel Rose Kreindler & Kreindler New York
Susan Corner Rosen Rosen Law Firm Charleston, S.C.
Neal Roth Grossman Roth Coral Gables, Fla.
Steve Rotman Hausfeld Boston
Ben Rubinowitz Gair Gair New York
Douglas Saeltzer Walkup Melodia San Francisco
Regan Safier Kline & Specter Philadelphia
Patrick Salvi Salvi Schostok Chicago
Patrick  Salvi II Salvi Schostok Chicago
S. Shay Samples Hare Wynn Birmingham, Ala.
Elise Sanguinetti Arias Sanguinetti Emeryville, Calif.
Diana Santa Maria Law Offices of Diana Santa Maria Davie, Fla.
John “Jack” Scarola Searcy Denney West Palm, Fla.
Darin Schanker Bachus & Schanker Denver
Fred Schenk Casey Gerry San Diego
Scott Schlesinger Schlesinger Law Offices Ft. Lauderdale
Richard Schoenberg Walkup Melodia San Francisco
Susan Schwartz Corboy & Demetrio Chicago
Thomas Scolaro Leesfield Scolaro Miami
Carmen Scott Motley Rice Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
Christian Searcy* Searcy Denney West Palm, Fla.
Ibiere Seck Seck Law
Christopher Seeger Seeger Weiss New York
Scott Segal Scott Segal Charleston, W.V.
Joseph Sellers Cohen Milstein Washington, D.C.
Derek Sells The Cochran Firm Philadelphia
Anthony Shapiro Hagens Berman Seattle
Adam Shea Panish Shea Los Angeles
Loretta Sheehan* Davis Levin Honolulu
Robert Sheldon Tremont Sheldon Bridgeport, Conn.
Stephen Sheller Sheller Philadelphia
Carol Nelson Shepherd Feldman Shepherd Philadelphia
William Sieben Schwebel Goetz Minneapolis
Philip Sieff Robins Kaplan Minneapolis
Roman Silberfeld* Robins Kaplan Los Angeles
James Sill Fulmer Sill Oklahoma City
Chris Simmons Lyons & Simmons Dallas
John Simmons Simmons Hanly Alton, Ill.
Jeffrey Simon Simon Greenstone Panatier Dallas
Linda Singer Motley Rice Washington, D.C.
Thomas Siracusa Power Rogers Chicago
Hezekiah Sistrunk, Jr. The Cochran Firm Atlanta
Adam Slater Mazie Slater Roseland, N.J.
D. Neil Smith Nix Patterson Dallas
Michael Smith Lesser Lesser West Palm, Fla.
R. Allen Smith The Smith Law Firm Ridgeland, Miss.
Rod Smith Avera & Smith Gainesville, Fla.
William Smith Abramson Smith San Francisco
Daniel Smolen Smolen Roytman
Kathryn Snapka Snapka Firm Corpus Christi, Texas
Thomas Sobol Hagens Berman Boston
Alison Soloff Soloff & Zervanos Philadelphia
Donald Soloff Soloff & Zervanos Philadelphia
Andrew Sommerman Sommerman McCaffity Dallas
Christine Spagnoli Greene Broillet Santa Monica, Calif.
Shanin Specter Kline & Specter Philadelphia
Broadus Spivey* Spivey & Grigg Austin
Kathryn Stebner Stebner Law Firm San Francisco
Andrew Stern Kline & Specter Philadelphia
L. Chris Stewart Stewart Trial Attorneys Atlanta
Larry Stewart* Stewart Tilghman Miami
Paul Stritmatter Stritmatter Kessler Hoquiam, Wash.
Robert Sullivan Sullivan Papain Garden City, N.Y.
Dennis Sweet III Sweet & Associates Jackson, Miss.
Laura Tamez The Herrera Law Firm San Antonio
Mark Tanner Feldman Shepherd Philadelphia
Anthony Tarricone Kreindler & Kreindler Boston
John Taylor Taylor & Ring Manhattan Beach, Calif.
Brandon Thompson Ciresi Conlin Minneapolis
Fred Thompson III Motley Rice Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
Timothy Tietjen Rouda Feder San Francisco
Paul Traina Panish Shea Los Angeles
Michael Trunk Kline & Specter Philadelphia
Lucy Tufts Cunningham Bounds Mobile, Ala.
Nancy Turbak Berry Turbak Law Office Watertown, S.D.
Kenneth Vogelstein Wais Vogelstein Baltimore
Aimee Wagstaff Andrus Wagstaff Lakewood, Colo.
Gary Wais Wais Vogelstein Baltimore
Robert Waldsmith Abramson Smith San Francisco
Brent Walker Aldous Walker Dallas
John (Jack) Walker Martin Walker Tyler, Texas
Mary Anne Walling Sullivan Papain Garden City, N.J.
Judson Waltman Lanier Law Firm Houston
Johnny Ward Ward Smith & Hill Longview, Texas
Navan Ward Jr. Beasley Allen Montgomery, Ala.
Donald Watson Gary Williams Stuart, Fla.
Elizabeth Weinstein Grant & Eisenhofer Chicago
Stephen Weiss Seeger Weiss New York
Paul Weitz The Cochran Firm New York
Geoffrey Wells Greene Broillet Santa Monica, Calif.
Jeanmarie Whalen Domnick Cunningham Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.
Tim Wheeler Greene Broillet Santa Monica, Calif.
Charles Whetstone Whetstone Perkins Columbia, S.C.
Matthew White Gray & White Louisville, Ky.
William Whitehurst* Whitehurst Harkness Austin
Reggie Whitten Whitten Burrage Oklahoma City
Lorenzo Williams Gary Williams Stuart, Fla.
Matthew Williams Salvi Schostok Chicago
Allen Williamson Boyd Powers Williamson Decatur, Texas
Lawrence Wilson Lanier Law Firm Houston
David Wirtes Jr. Cunningham Bounds Mobile, Ala.
R. Brent Wisner Baum Hedlund Los Angeles
Michael Worel Dewsnup King Salt Lake City
Andrew Yaffa Grossman Roth Coral Gables, Fla.
C. Steven Yerrid* Yerrid Law Firm Tampa, Fla.
Marty Young Goudarzi & Young Gilmer, Texas
Kathleen Zellner Zellner & Associates Downers Grove, Ill.
Michael Zerres Blume Forte Chatham, N.J.
John Zervanos Soloff & Zervanos Philadelphia
Laura Zois Miller & Zois Baltimore