2020 Lawdragon Global 100 Leaders in Legal Finance
2020 Lawdragon Global 100 Leaders in Legal Finance

We’re proud to publish the 2020 Lawdragon Global 100 Leaders in Legal Finance.

This is our inaugural guide dedicated to the role of legal finance in law firms worldwide. We bring together pioneers of litigation finance, who’ve helped build this field for decades alongside young stars bringing technological tools to better funding assessment and results.

Litigation finance offers lawyers and clients the ability to seek justice that would otherwise not be attainable, while offering a lifeline in portfolio funding to law firms. As influencers on the legal profession go, it’s impossible to overstate the role of litigation finance.

We began recognizing outstanding litigation funders five years ago, and included them in our first four guides to top legal consultants and advisors. As funds have professionalized and grown to be key strategic relationships in global litigation, we recognized it was time for deeper reporting on this critical arena. As with all our guides, we relied on journalistic reporting, lawyer input, and vetting by clients and peers.

Headwinds buffeted the industry in the past 18 months, including the Muddy Waters inquiry on industry-leader Burford. Also of note are the acquisition of Vannin Capital by Fortress Investment and tie-up of IMF Bentham and Omni Bridgeway.

Name Company Location
Cindy Ahn Longford Capital Chicago
Pierre Amariglio Tenor Capital Management New York
Craig Arnott Burford Capital London
Christine Azar Burford Capital New York
Isabelle Berger-Steiner Nivalion Steinhausen/Zug, Switzerland
Jack Blackburn Bluewhite Legal Capital Purchase, N.Y.
Eric Blinderman Therium Capital New York
Christopher Bogart Burford Capital New York
Daniel Bush Law Finance Group Mill Valley, Calif.
Allison Chock Omni Bridgeway/Bentham Los Angeles
Adrian Chopin Bench Walk Advisers London
Jeffery Commission Burford Capital Washington, D.C.
Owen Cyrulnik Curiam Capital New York
Marla Decker Lake Whillans New York
Christopher DeLise Delta Capital Partners Chicago
Patrick Dempsey Therium Capital New York
David Desser Juris Capital Chicago
Earl Doppelt Bluewhite Legal Capital Purchase, N.Y.
Lee Drucker Lake Whillans New York
Joseph Dunn Fortress Investment Group New York
Susan Dunn Harbour Litigation Funding London
Jay Eisenhofer Bench Walk Advisers New York
Roni Elias TownCenter Partners McLean, Va.
Timothy Farrell Longford Capital Chicago
William Farrell Longford Capital Chicago
Dai Wai Chin Feman Parabellum Capital New York
James Foster Litigation Capital Management London
Steven Friel Woodsford Litigation Funding London
David Gallagher D.E. Shaw New York
John Garda Longford Capital Dallas
Ian Garrard Innsworth London
Julia Gewolb Validity Finance New York
Adam Gill GLS Capital Chicago
Stuart Grant Bench Walk Advisers Wilmington, Del.
Alain Grec Profile Investment Paris
Jay Greenberg LexShares Boston
Christian Haigh Legalist San Francisco
Rosemary Ioannou Vannin/Fortress Investment London
Michael Israel IVO Capital Partners Paris
Mark Jacobs Arrowhead Capital New York
Sarah Johnson D.E. Shaw New York
Aaron Katz Parabellum Capital New York
Jim Kearney Lake Whillans New York
David Kerstein Validity Finance New York
Mark King Harbour Litigation Funding London
Thomas Kohlmeier Nivalion Munich
Jules Kroll Bluewhite Legal Capital Purchase, N.Y.
Christoph Kuzaj Therium Capital Duesseldorf
John Lazar Burford Capital New York
Andy Lundberg Burford Capital New York
Jamison Lynch GLS Capital Chicago
Dana MacGrath Omni Bridgeway/Bentham New York
Ellora MacPherson Harbour Litigation Funding London
William Marra Validity Finance New York
Jeremy Marshall Omni Bridgeway/Bentham London
Timothy Mayer Therium Capital London
Kevin McCaffrey Law Finance Group New York
Iain McKenny Profile Investment Paris
Joshua Meltzer Woodsford Litigation Funding Wales, Pa.
Yasmin Mohammad Vannin/Fortress Investment Paris
Jonathan Molot Burford Capital Washington, D.C.
Wynne Morriss Arrowhead Capital New York
Hassan Murphy TRGP Capital New York
Marius Nasta Redress Solutions London
Jack Neumark Fortress Investment Group New York
Michael Nicolas Longford Capital Chicago
Garrett Ordower Lake Whillans New York
Sidney Oury IVO Capital Partners Paris
Molly Pease Curiam Capital New York
David Perla Burford Capital New York
Rein Philips Redbreast Litigation Finance The Hague
Neil Purslow Therium Capital London
Robert Rothkopf Balance Legal Capital London
Michael Rozen TRGP Capital New York
Aaron Rubinstein Bluewhite Legal Capital Purchase, N.Y.
Andrew Saker Omni Bridgeway Perth, Australia
Howard Shams Parabellum Capital New York
Eva Shang Legalist San Francisco
Emily Slater Burford Capital New York
Mick Smith Calunius Capital London
Curtis Smolar Legalist San Francisco
David Spiegel GLS Capital Chicago
Christian Stuerwald Calunius Capital London
Ralph Sutton Validity Finance New York
Ruth Teitelbaum Tenor Capital Management New York
Raymond Tellini Delta Capital Partners Chicago
Sean Thompson Parabellum Capital New York
Raymond van Hulst Omni Bridgeway Geneva
Roland Vigne IVO Capital Partners Paris
Max Volsky LexShares New York
Ross Wallin Curiam Capital New York
Marcel Wegmueller Nivalion Steinhausen/Zug, Switzerland
Boaz Weinstein Lake Whillans New York
Mark Wells Calunius Capital London
Wieger Wielinga Omni Bridgeway Amsterdam
Aviva Will Burford Capital New York
Katharine Wolanyk Burford Capital Chicago
Louis Young Augusta Ventures London
Alan Zimmerman Law Finance Group Mill Valley, Calif.
Michael Zuckerman Redress Solutions London

We’ve also included 10 Advisors to the Legal Finance Industry for a snapshot of the nascent field of brokers, attorneys, and others amassing to guide lawyers through the legal finance field.

Name Company Location
Maddi Azpiroz Claim Trading London
Michael Kelley Parker Poe Washington, D.C.
Andrew Langhoff Red Bridges Advisors Bronxville, N.Y.
Steven Huttler Sadis New York
Nicholas Kajon Stevens & Lee New York
James Blick The Judge Irvine, Calif.
Charles Agee Westfleet Advisors Nashville
Barry Kamar Westfleet Advisors Nashville
Gretchen Lowe Westfleet Advisors Nashville
Michael Perich Westfleet Advisors Nashville