We are thrilled to introduce the new members of the Lawdragon Hall of Fame. These lawyers are among the most acclaimed of their generation, having led America’s signature law firms to unprecedented heights, achieved civil rights advances and changed our world for the better.

The lawyers selected include dealmakers such as Sullivan & Cromwell’s Joe Shenker; Wachtell’s Edward Herlihy; and Kirkland’s David Fox. All-star litigators include Mary Alexander; McKool Smith’s Doug Cawley; Paul Weiss’ Jay Cohen; and Lieff Cabraser’s Elizabeth Cabraser. Also inducted this year is the remarkable former Delaware Vice Chancellor and Paul Weiss of counsel Stephen Lamb.

Recognized here are three remarkable female lawyers we lost last year: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sullivan partner Alexandra Korry and Robins Kaplan partner Hollis Salzman. The magnitude of their loss mirrors the breadth of their achievements and impact on those they touched.

First Last Firm Category
Terry Abeyta Abeyta Nelson Litigators
Mike Abourezk Abourezk & Garcia Litigators
Mary Alexander Mary Alexander & Associates Litigators
Greg Allen Beasley Allen Litigators
D. Leon Ashford Hare Wynn Litigators
Vincent Bartolotta Jr. Thorsnes Bartolotta Litigators
Lisa Blue Athea Trial Lawyers Litigators
Patricia Bobb Patricia C. Bobb & Associates Litigators
Mary Bonauto GLAD Leadership
Michael Boone HaynesBoone Dealmakers
James Bostwick Bostwick & Peterson Litigators
Margaret Moses Branch Branch Law Firm Litigators
Thomas Brandi The Brandi Law Firm Litigators
Frank Branson The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson Litigators
Joseph Brown Jr. Cunningham Bounds Litigators
Elizabeth Cabraser Lieff Cabraser Leadership
David Casey Jr. Casey Gerry Litigators
Douglas Cawley McKool Smith Litigators
Cynthia Chihak Chihak & Martel Litigators
James Clark Cahill Dealmakers
Lew Clayton Paul Weiss Litigators
Howard Coker Coker Law Litigators
Jan Conlin Ciresi Conlin Litigators
Christopher Cox Cadwalader Dealmakers
Mark Davis Davis Levin Litigators
John DeGroote DeGroote Partners Litigators
Jorge del Calvo Pillsbury Dealmakers
Thomas Demetrio Corboy & Demetrio Litigators
Carl Douglas Douglas Hicks Litigators
Lewis 'Mike' Eidson Colson Hicks Litigators
Jay Eisenhofer Grant & Eisenhofer Litigators
Elizabeth Faiella Faiella & Gulden Litigators
Robert Fleder Paul Weiss Litigators
David Fox Kirkland Dealmakers
Jan Woodward Fox Jan Woodward Fox, PLC Litigators
Stephen Fraidin Cadwalader Dealmakers
Ruth Bader Ginsburg U.S. Supreme Court Remembered
Stuart Grossman Grossman Roth Litigators
Paul Hanly Jr. Simmons Hanly Conroy Remembered
William Hartnett Cahill Gordon Dealmakers
Terry Hatter U.S. District Court Judges
Michael Hausfeld Hausfeld Litigators
Edward Herlihy Wachtell Leadership
Frank Herrera Jr. The Herrera Law Firm Litigators
Nancy Hersh Hersh & Hersh Litigators
Nora Jordan Davis Polk Dealmakers
Steven Kazan Kazan McClain Litigators
Don Keenan Keenan Law Firm Litigators
Skip Keesal Keesal Young Litigators
Michael Kelly Walkup Melodia Litigators
Thomas Kline Kline Specter Litigators
Alan Kornberg Paul Weiss Litigators
Alexandra Korry Sullivan & Cromwell Remembered
Michael Kump Kinsella Weitzman Litigators
Stephen Lamb Paul Weiss Leadership
Richard Lawrence The Lawrence Firm Litigators
Michael Livingston Davis Levin Litigators
Randi McGinn Athea/McGinn Montoya Litigators
Michael Meyer Glaser Weil Dealmakers
Mark Moller Kreindler & Kreindler Litigators
Henry Nassau Dechert Dealmakers
Harold Nix Nix Patterson Litigators
John Norman Norman & Edem Litigators
Aaron Podhurst Podhurst Orseck Litigators
Steven Quattlebaum Quattlebaum Grooms Litigators
Deborah Rhode Stanford Law School Remembered
Mark Robinson Robinson Calcagnie Litigators
Stephen Roddenberry Akerman Dealmakers
Rick Rule Paul Weiss Litigators
Patrick Salvi Salvi Schostok Litigators
Hollis Salzman Robins Kaplan Remembered
Richard Sarver Barrasso Usdin Litigators
John 'Jack' Scarola Searcy Denney Litigators
James Schwebel Schwebel Goetz Litigators
Anthony Shapiro Hagens Berman Remembered
Joseph Shenker Sullivan & Cromwell Leadership
Leopold Sher Sher Garner Dealmakers
William Smith Abramson Smith Litigators
Larry Sonsini Wilson Sonsini Dealmakers
Paul Stritmatter Stritmatter Kessler Litigators
Robert Sullivan Sullivan Papain Litigators
Steven Toll Cohen Milstein Litigators
Mark Wawro Susman Godfrey Litigators

About the author:
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