Cindy Ahn of Longford Capital.

Cindy Ahn of Longford Capital.

We’re proud to introduce the 2022 Lawdragon Global 100 Leaders in Litigation Finance.

Litigation funding is growing by leaps and bounds, providing an ever-expanding universe of fascinating professionals with backgrounds in business and law. The firms represented in this year’s 100 hail from London to Luxembourg, Sydney to Singapore and Chicago to New York. Those included represent the old guard - who are deeply entrenched in the professional organizations that have brought legal finance into the mainstream – alongside dozens of savvy entrants attracted by the profession’s huge opportunities. They provide access to justice for claimants who might otherwise not be able to pursue their cases alongside access to the potential for handsome returns for those who pick well.

We selected the members of this guide through our time-homed procedure of independent research, submissions and evaluation by peers. In particular, we’ve had the opportunity to spend time meeting with new candidates to assess their achievements and longtime members of the 100 to get their take on the evolution of the field. We appreciate the many submissions as well as the time spent educating us on individual firms’ focus with perhaps a sidecar of industry gossip.

This guide is 31 percent female and 16 percent inclusive. Members of the Lawdragon Hall of Fame are noted with an asterisk.

First Name Last Name Firm Location
Cindy Ahn Longford Capital Chicago
Maximillian Amster Veridis Tampa
Jonathan Barnes Woodsford London
Jonathan Barnett Nivalion Wien, Austria
Isabelle Berger Nivalion Steinhausen/Zug, Switzerland
Eric Blinderman Therium Capital New York
Matthew Blumenstein Statera Capital Chicago
Christopher Bogart Burford Capital New York
Erik Bomans Deminor Luxembourg
Anastasia Bondarenko Fortress Investment Group Paris
Clive Bowman Omni Bridgeway Sydney
Simon Burnett Balance Legal Capital London
John Byrne Therium Capital London
Jiamie Chen Parabellum Capital New York
Dai Wai Chin Feman Parabellum Capital New York
Allison  Chock Omni Bridgeway Los Angeles
Adrian Chopin Bench Walk Advisors London
Heather Collins Omni Bridgeway Sydney
Owen Cyrulnik Curiam Capital New York
Robin Davis Woodsford New York
Marla Decker Lake Whillans New York
James Delaney Erso Capital London
Christopher DeLise Delta Capital Partners Chicago
Brandon Deme Factor Risk Management London
Patrick Dempsey Burford Capital New York
Matthew Denney LCM London
Simon Dluzniak Therium Capital Melbourne
Kirstin Dodge Nivalion Steinhausen/Zug, Switzerland
Lee Drucker Lake Whillans New York
Joseph Dunn Fortress Investment Group New York
Susan Dunn Harbour London
Timothy Farrell Longford Capital Chicago
William Farrell Longford Capital Chicago
James Foster LCM London
Steven Friel Woodsford London
John Garda Longford Capital Dallas
Oliver Gayner Omni Bridgeway Sydney
Adam Gerchen Gerchen Capital Partners Chicago
Julia Gewolb Validity Finance New York
Adam Gill GLS Capital Chicago
Tom Glasgow Omni Bridgeway Singapore
Stuart Grant* Bench Walk Advisors Wilmington, Del.
Chris Hagale Lake Whillans New York
Laina Hammond Validity Finance Houston
Oliver Hayes Balance Legal Capital London
Louise Hird Therium Capital Melbourne
Rosemary Ioannou Fortress Investment Group London
Charles Jeffery Harbour London
Nick Johnson Locke London
Sarah Johnson The D.E. Shaw Group New York
Aaron Katz Parabellum Capital New York
Jim Kearney* Lake Whillans New York
David Kerstein Validity Finance New York
Mark King Harbour London
Thomas Kohlmeier Nivalion Munich
Zachary Krug Signal Capital Partners London
Christoph Kuzaj Therium Capital Dusseldorf
John Lazar Burford Capital New York
Alex Lempiner Woodsford Spring House, Pa.
Cayse Llorens LexShares Boston
Ayse Lowe Bench Walk Advisors London
Andy Lundberg* Burford Capital New York
Jamison Lynch GLS Capital Chicago
Ellora MacPherson Harbour London
William Marra Validity Finance New York
Timothy Mayer Therium Capital London
Kevin McCaffrey Law Finance Group New York
Hugh McLernon* Omni Bridgeway Perth, Australia
Yasmin Mohammad Fortress Investment Group Paris
Jonathan Molot Burford Capital Washington, D.C.
Charlie Morris Woodsford London
Hassan Murphy TRGP Capital New York
Rosie Murray Orchard Global Asset Management London
Jack Neumark Fortress Investment Group New York
Angela Ni Parabellum Capital New York
Michael Nicolas Longford Capital Chicago
Stephen O'Dowd Harbour London
Emily O'Neill Deminor London
Kory Parkhurst Harbour Wichita
Molly Pease Curiam Capital New York
David Perla Burford Capital New York
Rein Philips Redbreast Litigation Finance The Hague
Nick Pontt Locke London
Neil Purslow Therium Capital London
Robert Rothkopf Balance Legal Capital London
Michael Rozen TRGP Capital New York
Nick Sage Bench Walk Advisors New York
Andrew Saker Omni Bridgeway New York
Charles 'Chad' Schmerler Pretium New York
Grant Schrader Law Finance Group San Francisco
Howard  Shams Parabellum Capital New York
Eva Shang Legalist San Francisco
Ajit Singh Law Finance Group San Francisco
Emily Slater Burford Capital New York
Cristina Soler Ramco Litigation Funding Barcelona, Spain
David Spiegel GLS Capital Chicago
Ruth Stackpool-Moore Omni Bridgeway Singapore
Tom Steindler Exton Advisors London
Tania Sulan Omni Bridgeway Adelaide, Australia
Ralph Sutton Validity Finance New York
Raymond Tellini Delta Capital Partners Chicago
Harshiv Thakerar Asertis London
Sean Thompson Parabellum Capital New York
Marjolein van den Bosch-Broeren Omni Bridgeway Singapore
Raymond van Hulst Omni Bridgeway Geneva
Ross Wallin Curiam Capital New York
Marcel Wegmüller Nivalion Steinhausen/Zug, Switzerland
Boaz Weinstein Lake Whillans New York
Wieger Wielinga Omni Bridgeway Amsterdam
Aviva Will Burford Capital New York
Katharine Wolanyk Burford Capital Chicago
Andrew Woltman Statera Capital Chicago
Allen Yancy LexShares New York
Louis Young* Augusta Ventures London