Lawdragon honoree Kate Kalmykov of Greenberg Traurig.

Lawdragon honoree Kate Kalmykov of Greenberg Traurig.

This remarkable group of elite advisors leads the way opening doors and borders for businesses and other organizations in their talent needs, as well as individuals in joining their family and seeking a new and better life.

We’re hard pressed to think of a discipline so at the core of our legal rights: To be able to live and work in freedom to achieve one’s potential. And yet there are crushing realities in this world of ours limiting those who can pursue their dreams. These are the lawyers on the front lines advocating for immigrant rights while weighing against regulations.

This is our inaugural guide under this banner. We’ve provided dedicated reporting on immigration law since 2008, largely as part of our focus on top employment advisors to corporations and businesses. With this expanded guide, we’ve opened our own door a bit wider to recognize the tremendous importance of this arena, and to salute, as well, a number of “consumer” immigration advocates who fight each day to help those trapped at the border or otherwise constrained.

We chose this guide through our decades-honed process that combines journalistic research, robust submissions and vetting by peers.

Lawdragon is an advocate for equality and inclusion. This guide is 60 percent women and 40 percent inclusive. Individuals who have previously been inducted into the Lawdragon Hall of Fame are recognized with an asterisk.

As those whose forebears have been among the poor, huddled masses, it’s a particular pride to report on these lawyers who have dedicated themselves to “The New Colossus,” as the poem on the Statue of Liberty coins. And perhaps not an inappropriate time to remember its words.

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

First Last Firm Location
Geetha Nadiminti Adinata FordHarrison Los Angeles
Carmita Alonso Fragomen New York
Jeff Appleman* BAL San Francisco
Alexis Axelrad Barst New York
Davis C. Bae Fisher & Phillips Seattle
Ryan Bay Global Immigration Associates Chicago
Marcela Bermudez Greenspoon Marder New York
David Berry* BAL San Francisco
Eric S. Bord Morgan Lewis Washington, D.C.
Delisa Bressler Foster Austin
Roberto Caballero BAL Houston
Colleen L. Caden Pryor Cashman New York
Susan J. Cohen Mintz Boston
Bo  Cooper Fragomen Washington, D.C.
Helene Dang Foster Houston
Shannon Donnelly Morgan Lewis Washington, D.C.
Kelli Duehning BAL San Francisco
Matthew S. Dunn Kramer Levin New York
George Ernst Hall Booth Smith Little Rock
Corina M. Farias Foster Austin
Charles C. Foster* Foster Houston
Austin Fragomen* Fragomen Miami
Jeremy Fudge BAL Dallas
Patricia Gannon Greenspoon Marder New York
Frieda Garcia BAL San Francisco
Victoria M. Garcia Bracewell San Antonio
Darren G. Gardner King & Spalding San Francisco
Candice Garrett Stone Grzegorek Los Angeles
Elizabeth L.A. Garvish Garvish Immigration Law Group Atlanta
Jennifer Walker  Gates JLW Immigration Law Group Austin
Delya Ghosh BAL San Francisco
Kortney Gibson BAL Dallas
Josie Gonzalez Stone Grzegorek Los Angeles
Sandra Grossman Grossman Young Bethesda
David Grunblatt Fragomen New York
Kathleen Grzegorek Stone Grzegorek Los Angeles
Denise Hammond* Grossman Young Silver Spring, Md.
Carl Hampe Fragomen Washington, D.C.
Addie Hogan Corporate Immigration Partners San Francisco
Yeu Sik Hong Stone Grzegorek Los Angeles
Elizabeth Jamae Corporate Immigration Partners San Francisco
Elizabeth Jordan Civil Rights Education & Enforcement Center Denver
Jeff Joseph BAL Denver
Kate  Kalmykov Greenberg Traurig Florham Park, N.J.
Sameer  Khedekar Banyan Mountain View, Calif.
Rebecca Kitson Rebecca Kitson Law Albuquerque
H. Ronald Klasko* Klasko Immigration Law Partners Philadelphia
Mark D. Koestler Kramer Levin New York
Ira J. Kurzban* Kurzban Kurzban Coral Gables
Avalyn Langemeier Foster Houston
David W. Leopold Ulmer Cleveland
Taylor Levy Taylor Levy Law El Paso
Marketa Lindt Sidley Chicago
Robert Loughran Foster Austin
Ian Love Global Immigration Associates Chicago
Jeremy McKinney Jeremy McKinney Greensboro, N.C.
Lynden Melmed BAL Washington, D.C.
John Meyer Foster Houston
Jennifer Minear McCandlish Holton Charlottesville, Va.
Kevin Miner Fragomen Atlanta
Dorothee Mitchell Foster Austin
Fadi Nahhas Eastman & Smith Toledo
Spojmie Nasiri Law Offices of Spojmie Nasiri San Francisco
Michael Neifach Jackson Lewis Washington, D.C.
Paola Neri-Michel Neri Law Offices Los Angeles
Susannah Nichols Global Immigration Associates Chicago
Deborah J.  Notkin* Barst New York
Otieno Ombok Jackson Lewis White Plains, N.Y.
Allen Orr Jr. Orr Immigration Law Firm Washington, D.C.
Farshad Owji WR Immigration San Francisco
Angelo Paparelli* Vialto Law Los Angeles
Amy L. Peck Jackson Lewis Omaha
Eleanor Pelta Morgan Lewis Washington, D.C.
Jose Perez Foster Houston
Sarah K. Peterson Fragomen Minneapolis
Susan Pilcher Stone Grzegorek Los Angeles
Irina Plumlee Munsch Hardt Dallas
John Patrick Pratt Kurzban Kurzban Coral Gables
John F. Quill Mintz Boston
Thomas Ragland Clark Hill Washington, D.C.
Edward Ramos Kurzban Kurzban Coral Gables
Laura Foote Reiff Greenberg Traurig McLean, Va.
Edward Rios BAL Boston
Kimberley Best Robidoux WR Immigration San Diego
Nestor Rosin Foster Houston
Nataliya Rymer Greenberg Traurig Philadelphia
Denyse Sabagh* Duane Morris Washington, D.C.
Elham Sadri Sadri Law San Jose
Martha Schoonover Greenberg Traurig McLean, Va.
Suzanne B. Seltzer The Seltzer Firm New York
Grace Shie Mayer Brown Washington, D.C.
J. Anthony Smith Tafapolsky Smith Mehlman Los Angeles
Grant Sovern Quarles & Brady Madison, Wis.
Lisa Spiegel Duane Morris San Diego
Elizabeth Espín Stern Mayer Brown Washington, D.C.
William A. Stock Klasko Immigration Law Partners Philadelphia
Jacquelyn Stone McGuireWoods Richmond
Lincoln Stone SGG Immigration Los Angeles
Kelli Stump Stump Law Oklahoma City
Petra Tang BAL San Francisco
Carla Tarazi BAL San Francisco
Paige Taylor Fragomen Houston
Helena Tetzeli Kurzban Kurzban Coral Gables
Sarah Lea Tobocman Gunster Miami
Anastasia Tonello Ulmer New York
Yvonne Toy Ogletree San Francisco
Christy Umstadter Corporate Immigration Partners San Francisco
A. James Vazquez-Azpiri Tafapolsky & Smith San Francisco
Ronald Wada Tafapolsky Smith Mehlman San Francisco
Kathleen Campbell Walker Dickinson Wright El Paso
David A.M. Ware Ware Law Metairie, La.
Jacqueline L. Watson JLW Immigration Law Group Austin
Susan Wehrer BAL Dallas
Bernard Wolfsdorf* WR Immigration Santa Monica, Calif.
Scott W. Wright Faegre Drinker Minneapolis
Becki Young Grossman Young Silver Spring, Md.