Legends of the 500

Lawyers who have made the Lawdragon 500 at least 10 times.

Lawdragon 500: The Legends (31-41)

Robert Schumer

Paul Weiss - New York (Photo provided by the firm)

The esteemed and powerful M&A impresario is regular counsel to Time Warner and a host of other worldwide companies who value his insight and experience.

Chris Seeger

Seeger Weiss - New York (Photo by Gregg Delman)

One of the nation’s greatest plaintiff lawyers brings the heart and soul of the boxer and carpenter he started out as to improve safety for NFL players, pharmaceutical patients and other consumers.

Joe Sellers

Cohen Milstein - Washington, D.C. (Photo by Hugh Williams)

This civil rights and employment law champion has handled more than 75 class actions against Boeing, Wells Fargo and Tyson Foods while giving abundantly to public interest.

Leopold Sher

Sher Garner - New Orleans (Photo by Sara Essex Bradley)

A national leader in real estate and corporate law, Sher is also a dedicated advocate for his beloved New Orleans and Tulane Law School.

Stuart Singer

Boies Schiller - Fort Lauderdale, Fla. (Photo provided by the firm)

A dazzling advocate in trial and appellate courts, he’s relied on by Carnival Cruises, Nascar, NextEra and the children of Florida to win big when it matters.

Robert Spatt

Simpson Thacher - New York (Photo by Hugh Williams)

A noted dealmaker who is regularly called on for complex combinations, including Lorillard’s sale to Reynolds and Smithfield Foods in the largest Chinese takeover of an American company.

Bryan Stevenson

Equal Justice Initiative - Montgomery, Ala. (Photo by Alan Matthews)

We need more Bryan Stevensons. Pure and simple. He champions racial justice, the rights of incarcerated children and equality for poor and minorities.

Donald Verrilli

Munger Tolles - Washington, D.C. (Photo by Hugh Williams)

Obama’s longtime Solicitor General argued 37 High Court cases, including defending Obamacare and Marriage Equality, and now anchors Munger Tolles’ new D.C. outpost.

Donald Wolfe

Potter Anderson – Wilmington (Photo by Andrew Kahl)

He’s top dog when it comes to Delaware litigation, with more than 200 reported decisions including Revlon, AirGas and Hewlett Packard.

Steve Yerrid

Yerrid Law - Tampa, Fla. (Photo provided by the firm)

To call him a legend scratches the surface for this amazing plaintiff lawyer, who’s brought justice from Big Tobacco to Deepwater Horizon, while achieving more than 250 verdicts and settlements in excess of $1million.

Michael Young

Willkie Farr - New York (Photo by Erica Freudenstein)

One thing you can count on in the complex world of financial and accounting litigation is Young, whose trial and counseling work is tops.

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