Lawyer Limelight in Video: Max Berger

Photo by Greg Endries.

Lawdragon's first original documentary features prominent New York attorney Max Berger, who is also an accomplished photographer. Lawdragon editor John Ryan filmed and interviewed Berger at his photography show "Places" at 25CPW Gallery in New York.

The founding partner of Bernstein Litowitz Berger & Grossmann, Berger made Lawdragon's annual 500 Leading Lawyers in America guide for his work representing plaintiffs against large companies accused of corporate fraud.

Most of Berger's photographs were taken during his extensive travels with his wife. He looks for unconventional ways to film people and places, often giving a different take on a famous location. He says in the film that his artistic side benefits his lawyer side, helping him tackle his caseload in more creative ways. View the video on Lawdragon's YouTube channel.