With fall soccer season underway, Corboy & Demetrio is releasing three public service announcement (PSA) videos about the danger of unsecured soccer goals for TV and the Internet, as part of a broader soccer goal safety campaign, Make Soccer Safe.

The PSAs feature the family of six-year-old Zachary Tran of Vernon Hills who died in 2003 when a goal fell on him. Zachary’s parents had no idea the goals were dangerous. And they are far from alone. In launching the campaign, Corboy & Demetrio is partnering with Anchored for Safety, the non-profit organization the Tran family founded to help educate parents, schools, park districts and children about the danger of movable soccer goals. To view the PSA, click below:


One of the PSAs is a five-minute video for the Internet, which tells the heart wrenching story of Zachary Tran’s death but also the story of “Zach’s Law,” Illinois’ Movable Soccer Goal Safety Act enacted in August. The PSA warns that despite the law, deadly goals remain on thousands of fields not only in Illinois but all over the nation. The video features interviews with Zachary’s parents, Michelle & Jayson Tran and Zach’s sister Alli.

"Eight years ago, the worst nightmare of every parent happened to us when we lost our son, Zack, from an unanchored soccer goal tipping over," Michelle and Jayson Tran said. "It has been our mission since then to make people aware of this potential danger in our parks and on our school yards," the couple added.

Corboy & Demetrio partner Shawn Kasserman is also featured in the PSA. Shawn secured a $3 million settlement for the Tran family in their lawsuit against the park district, soccer associations and goal maker and worked with them to help get “Zach’s Law” passed.

Zachary’s Aunt Karen Endres, who was instrumental in getting a soccer goal safety act passed in Wisconsin earlier this year, is also featured in a PSA for Wisconsin TV stations.

Corboy & Demetrio will distribute the PSAs to schools, park districts, soccer groups and safety organizations. Also, the Illinois law firm will help Anchored for Safety distribute the video to members of the U.S. Senate with the hope of sparking interest in federal legislation.

About Anchored for Safety

Anchored for Safety was founded by the family of Zachary Tran to prevent any more deaths from unsecured movable soccer goals. Its website Anchoredforsafety.org is an extraordinary effort to provide information, including legislative updates on soccer goal safety laws; statistics on deaths and injuries; resources for children, parents, coaches and park districts for implementing movable soccer goal safety plans; and instructions about how to properly secure goals. For more information, go to Anchoredforsafety.org.