The Times-Picayune has an interesting story on BP’s refusal so far to settle the claims that resulted from the government imposing a moratorium on drilling activities after the explosion and oil spill. We already identified some of the coverage that Lawdragon 500 member Stephen Herman received for helping to finalize the larger $7.8B settlement. The Times-Picayune piece mentions Herman and also another Lawdragon 500 standout, Jim Garner of Sher Garner in New Orleans, who represents thousands of claimants.

From the article:

"These are caterers, diving companies, fabricators, suppliers, people who do work in the shallow-water Gulf," said Jim Garner, a New Orleans attorney representing many of these 6,000 claimants. "It wasn't because the government stopped issuing permits, these people didn't require permits. It was because of a chill on activity in the Gulf that they couldn't work, and that's precisely who the Oil Pollution Act was supposed to help."