December 13, 2012 (Boston, New York) – A jury in the U.S. District Court in Delaware today found in favor of MobileMedia Ideas (MMI), in a patent infringement case against Apple Inc. (AAPL). MMI was represented by global law firm Proskauer, whose team was headed by Proskauer Partner and Patent Law Group co-head Steven M. Bauer.

After a seven-day trial, the jury deliberated for four hours and found that Apple infringed three patents owned by MMI which related to features of the camera and phone call handling and rejection.

"This was a very difficult case," said Proskauer's Steve Bauer. "It required us to take the jury back to 1994-1998, when these technologies were first invented. We are pleased the jury was not misdirected by dead-end arguments intended to obfuscate the scope of the invention here."

"Our representation by Steve Bauer and the entire Proskauer team was superb," said MobileMedia Ideas President and CEO Larry Horn. “The precision they brought to explaining the nature of invention generally and the value these inventions contribute to existing technology provided clear expression to how technology innovation and development work, how the patent system incentivizes it and how licensing by companies like MobileMedia Ideas enables its wide deployment fueling more invention and freeing manufacturers and service providers to deliver new quality-of-life enhancing products to the public. We couldn't be more pleased."

The Proskauer team representing MobileMedia Ideas was led by Mr. Bauer and included Partners Anthony C. Coles (New York), Justin J. Daniels (Boston), Timothy W. Mungovan (Boston), and Kenneth Rubenstein (New York); Senior Counsel John C. Stellabotte (New York); and Associates Brett J. Blank (Boston), Jamie Crystal-Lowry (Boston), Alan Federbush (New York), Michael R. Hackett (Boston), Safraz W. Ishmael (Boston), John M. Kitchura, Jr. (Boston), Elias Schilowitz (New York), Laura Stafford (Boston) and Robert P. Wagner (Los Angeles).

The case is MobileMedia Ideas LLC v. Apple Inc. (AAPL), 10-cv-258, U.S. District Court, District of Delaware (Wilmington).