BULLHEAD CITY, AZ – Attorney Robert A. Mosier, with medical negligence and product liability law firm Hodes Milman Liebeck Mosier, LLP, is representing a patient who contracted hepatitis C during an endoscopy procedure at Ear & Sinus Center of the Southwest in Bullhead City, Arizona, because the medical center failed to properly sterilize and disinfect the endoscope. The lawsuit, filed December 27, 2012, demands a jury trial and seeks damages for lifelong medical expenses and loss of earnings.

“Unfortunately, our client is one of potentially numerous patients who underwent an endoscopy at the Ear & Sinus Center of the Southwest,” said Mr. Mosier.  “This is a clear case of negligence and it is well-known that failing to properly sterilize equipment used on many different patients causes a high likelihood of transmitting infectious diseases.” 

The patient, who underwent an endoscopy procedure in January 2012, received a letter 10 months later stating that Ear & Nose of the Southwest had failed to sterilize the equipment potentially exposing her to a number of diseases.  She was tested and found to have contracted hepatitis C, a virus that can cause severe injuries, including liver damage, scarring of the liver, liver cancer, liver failure, need for liver transplant and other significant lifelong medical problems, even death.

Mr. Mosier demands a jury trial on all claims. If you or a loved one underwent an endoscopy at Ear & Sinus Center of the Southwest in Bullhead City, please contact Mr. Mosier immediately atrmosier@hmlm.com or (602) 277-5212