Garcia, Artigliere & Medby Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Shlomo Rechnitz and His Corporate Entities For Fraud and Unfair Business Practices

-- Suit alleges Mr. Rechnitz’s 57 nursing facilities intentionally and repeatedly abused patients and violated their rights for personal financial gain –

LONG BEACH, CA – Elder abuse law firm Garcia, Artigliere & Medby filed a class action suit against Shlomo Rechnitz, owner of Brius Management and Brius LLC, which owns, controls and operates 57 skilled nursing facilities throughout California. The suit alleges fraud, unfair business practices, and violation of resident rights by the intentional misrepresentation of the quality of services and care provided by Mr. Rechnitz’s facilities.

“The complaint alleges that Mr. Rechnitz preys on the extremely vulnerable segment of our society knowing the residents have no knowledgeable or sophistication concerning the operation of skilled nursing facilities and would have no way of detecting his fraud, concealment and other violations,” said lead attorney Stephen M. Garcia. “The Complaint alleges that he repeatedly disregards compliance with industry laws and regulations, and intentionally jeopardizes patient care in order to avoid liability and personal negative financial impact.”

The complaint alleges that Mr. Rechnitz and his corporate entities actively engaged in intentional misrepresentation to the public of the quality and services provided by each of the nursing facilities, including:

  • Concealing from patients of Mr. Rechnitz’s long history as a serial violator of skilled nursing industry laws and regulations, including those of the California Department of Health Care Services;
  • Hiding from residents that the health care facilities were chronically understaffed and under-funded in order to enhance Mr. Rechnitz’s personal profits;
  • Failing to treat patients with consideration, respect, dignity, and individuality, including privacy in treatment and care of personal needs;
  • Failing to employ an adequate number of qualified staff necessary to carry out the functions of the nursing facilities;
  • Misleading prospective patients into believing that the health care facilities were properly operated to induce them to become residents;
  • Knowing that each of the residents would be harmed by the defendants’ frauds, concealments and other violations; and
  • Failing to provide the state-mandated statutory and regulatory Bill of Rights to patients.

The class action suit seeks to permanently enjoin Mr. Rechnitz and his entities from future violations patient rights and that he:

·         Comply with the laws and regulations regarding health care facilities;

·         Report future violations to the Department of Public Health;

·       Conduct confidential quarterly surveys of patients to detect abuses that would only be disclosed to the Long Term Care Ombudsman;

·         Notify all of the current and future residents of the injunction and its terms;

·       Be subject to money damages;

·       Draft a suitable policy and procedure regarding suspected patient abuse and neglect.