LOS ANGELES, CA – The Los Angeles-based plaintiff trial law firm, McNicholas & McNicholas filed a lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles on behalf of female Los Angeles police officer, Laura Jackman for gender discrimination, retaliation and harassment. Officer Jackman alleges she was subjected to numerous acts of gender-based and sexual-based harassment. The complaint also alleges she was denied promotions and was further subjected to punishment when she complained about her improper treatment.

Lead attorney Matthew McNicholas comments, “This kind of treatment in the workplace is unacceptable. Officer Jackman has been on the force since 1998 and is praised for the work she’s done over the years. It’s a shame this is the kind of treatment she is subjected to on a daily basis.”

Since 2012, Officer Jackman has been subjected to various kinds of harassment, including: being told by a male to dress more provocatively when presenting cases to the District Attorney’s office; being tasked with menial and administrative work explaining that she “needed special treatment because you are a mother”; being told to have the moral courage to lie; and her supervisor reducing her overtime hours from 22 to nine without justification. On another occasion, her supervisor told Officer Jackman to ask another judge for a search warrant when after the first Judge rejected it. When Officer Jackman said she was uncomfortable about doing this, her supervisor stated, “Don’t worry little girl, we won’t make you do anything that you are uncomfortable with.”

In January 2013, she was transferred to the Wilshire Division where she continued to be harassed, but instead by female captains who denied her work and promotions she was entitled to. She was then transferred to the Rampart Division in May 2013, but earlier this year was demoted from the violent crime impact team and assigned to patrol duty.


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