Los Angeles, CA – Robinson Kardon, a Los Angeles-based law firm focused on criminal defense in both state and federal court, announced its official launch today. The new firm is a collaboration between criminal defense veterans Edward Robinson and Nancy Kardon. The firm will represent clients across the country in state and federal trial and appellate courts on matters related to all crimes, including white collar crimes, internet and corruption crimes, drug crimes, child and sexual exploitation crimes and domestic violence.

“Nancy and I have represented criminal defendants across the country for decades, in a wide variety of cases,” said Robinson in announcing the partnership. “We are both profoundly committed to giving clients the best possible representation. By joining forces, our experience allows us to provide the most comprehensive representation on matters in both state and federal court.”

Indeed, the two attorneys have equally impressive resumes. Nancy Kardon, who served as a former federal prosecutor in Los Angeles for eleven years and now handles matters across the criminal defense spectrum, has developed a reputation for, most notably, her professional, discreet and respectful handling of high profile allegations in cases such as domestic violence and sexual abuse. She is known in the criminal defense community for compassionately and aggressively representing her clients and achieving extraordinary results through settlements and jury verdicts. Having served at the helm of her own solo practice since 2006, She sees Robinson Kardon as an opportunity to combine forces with one of the most well-respected and experienced criminal defense attorneys in the community, Edward Robinson.

“There is no substitute for experience, especially in federal criminal defense. What a state court practitioner may believe is a good approach is most times very dangerous for the federal suspect/defendant,” explained Kardon. “Our credentials, experience and results are verifiable and speak for themselves. We are passionate about our work and we have the breadth of experience and specialized knowledge to provide the defense that is most likely to ensure the best result."

As for Robinson, after launching his legal career as a state prosecutor, he has operated as a solo practitioner for almost 30 years. In that time, he has represented clients in hundreds of complex federal cases across the country. Over the years, Ed has also appeared in California state courts on matters related to both serious felony charges and all types of misdemeanors. His strong relationships with former prosecutors who now handle defense cases at larger firms, make him a frequent and trusted referral when conflicts or excessive fees prevent their representation of certain clients.

“Nancy and I know that one of our firm’s strongest assets will be that people in the defense community know us and trust us,” said Robinson. “They know that if they cannot represent a client for any reason, they can send them to us, confident that their cases will be managed with the highest standard of care by experienced counsel.”

The new firm will be operating out of Robinson’s Torrance-based office space for the time being, with a plan to move to new offices in 2016, as they continue to expand their practice. With a heavy caseload already and several major trials in the near future, the pair has decided to forgo a formal launch event until then.

“We are excited to work together because we will bring different skills and perspectives to our practice,” said Kardon, reflecting on the firm. “What we share in our commitment and experience is what separates us from the other firms out there.”

More information about the firm and the practice areas in which they operate can be found on their website at www.robinsonkardon.com.

About Robinson Kardon

Robinson Kardon is a Los Angeles-based national criminal defense firm representing clients across the country in state and federal trial and appellate courts. The firm defends clients investigated for, and accused of, all federal and state crimes, with an emphasis on white-collar crimes, Internet and corruption crimes, drug crimes, child and sexual exploitation crimes and domestic violence.

With a combined 50 years of criminal law experience and over 125 criminal trials in federal and state court, Robinson and Kardon combine extensive experience on the prosecutorial side with years of successful defense work to offer clients seasoned counsel in the areas where they are often hit hardest: their homes, their families, their bank accounts, their careers and their businesses.