LOS ANGELES, CA − AgnewBrusavich, a Torrance-based serious personal injury law firm, obtained favorable settlements in two separate lawsuits against drivers whose cars hit and injured bicyclists going southbound on Palos Verdes Drive East, which has a history of similar tragedies.

In both cases, the bicyclists and plaintiffs were legally operating their bicycles on the very popular recreational route when they became victims of negligence as they ascended the hill. The incidents occurred despite markings prominently posted on the two-lane highway and on signage in each direction making it clear that automobiles and bicycles share the roadway.

In both cases, the defense finally admitted liability after the case was vigorously litigated by the AgnewBrusavich team of lawyers. “We hope these settlements will raise awareness about the perils bicyclists face when they travel on this highway either for commuting or recreational purposes and encourage motorists to obey the new ‘3 foot rule’ when passing bicyclists,” said lead attorney Bruce Brusavich of AgnewBrusavich.


On March 20, 2013, a Mercedes Benz driven by Hooshang Amini began passing John Lenkeit, who was riding his bicycle to Amini’s right, close to the curb. It is estimated that Mr. Amini was traveling between 45 - 50 miles per hour in a 35 miles per hour zone when he suddenly turned in front of Mr. Lenkeit and sideswiped him as they both approached Crownview Drive.

Mr. Lenkeit was thrown from his bicycle and landed on the pavement, sustaining serious injuries, including a shoulder fracture and tear. Months later, he underwent surgery at Torrance Memorial Medical Center for the tear and required extensive physical therapy following surgery.

“Sadly, Mr. Lenkeit has not returned to the same healthy person he was before he was hit,” Mr. Brusavich said.

On October 27, 2012, those same clear highway markings and signs on Palos Verdes Drive East near Corsini Place did not lLLeinThe Theprevent 81-year-old Milivoj Bozin from slamming his Toyota Camry into the back of the bicycle pedaled by Mark Stuebs. Mr. Stuebs was injured while on a bike ride with the Beach Cities Bicycle Club, a local cycling group. He was taken by ambulance to Harbor UCLA Medical Center where he was treated for abrasions, as well as arm and hip pain. He later had shoulder surgery and still requires hip surgery. Mr. Bozin admitted responsibility for the accident and claimed that was the last day he drove an automobile.