LOS ANGELES, Ca. – A leadership change is on tap tomorrow for the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA). On January 16, 2016 the nation’s biggest trial lawyer organization will inaugurate Los Angeles plaintiff attorney, David M. Ring as president for a one-year term at the 67th Annual Installation & Awards Dinner.

David Ring, who is a Partner at the Los Angeles law firm, Taylor & Ring, says one of the most pressing issues the organization must tackle is doing whatever necessary to ensure its members can pursue trials by jury. “The biggest mistake we can make as plaintiff lawyers is to take our right to a jury trial for granted,” said Ring. “Jury trials are the great equalizers and there are dark forces out there who want to attack and take away that right,” Ring added.

Because it’s an election year, Ring is urging CAALA members to support political candidates who will fight for that access to justice and believe that trial by jury is a fundamental right in our country. “We have an obligation to support candidates who stand up for the rights of everyday people who are injured, discriminated against, abused or taken advantage of by corporations or public entities,” said Ring.

 As a member of CAALA for more than two decades, Ring recognizes the importance of having mentors available for support and guidance. One of the goals of his presidency is to strengthen relationships between young, inexperienced lawyers and more seasoned attorneys. “I would have never ascended to this leadership position if I hadn’t had mentors who truly believed in CAALA and showed me the way.” Ring takes over the reigns of a strong and growing organization that now includes nearly 3,000 members.