Brandon	Deme (Factor Risk Management), Ellora	MacPherson	(Harbour) and Angela	Ni (Parabellum Capital)

Brandon Deme (Factor Risk Management), Ellora MacPherson (Harbour) and Angela Ni (Parabellum Capital)

We’re delighted to introduce The 2024 Lawdragon 100 Global Leaders in Litigation Finance.

This is our fifth annual guide dedicated to the leaders of this fascinating – and necessary – avenue of the legal profession. They are founders of enterprising litigation finance firms, specialists in origination, underwriting and investment structure, patent and insolvency aficionados. Increasingly, they represent the emerging role that insurance plays in litigation finance, and include as well a few specialists in secondary markets and brokering deals.

After a few years in which it seemed everyone wanted in on the litigation finance market, it tightened up in the past year with significant players downsizing and otherwise shuffling the deck. Some players exited the industry, while others started their own fledgling firms. A number of litigation finance veterans predict a further shakeout in the year ahead, as the economy and competition continue to present challenges.

Still, don’t cry too much for the litigation financiers, because – as Burford showed with its Argentinian windfall – when played well, the rewards can be stupendous.

Our guide is global and reflects the permutations of different jurisdictions, from Sydney to London and New York to Paris. We created this guide through our proprietary methodology that includes journalistic research, vetting by peers and clients and an ever-growing number of submissions. Also included here, designated with an asterisk, are esteemed members of the Lawdragon Hall of Fame.

We appreciate everyone who took the time to submit nominations and help us create what we hope is the best guide to the litigation funding world.

First Name Last Name Firm Location Focus
Stewart Ackerly Statera Capital Washington, D.C. Origination, Commercial Disputes
Charles Agee Westfleet Advisors Nashville Litigation Finance Broker
Cindy Ahn Longford Capital Chicago IP, Patent, Portfolio
Craig Arnott Burford Capital London CIO
John Astill Exton Advisors London Founder
Hasan Tahsin Azizagaoglu Bench Walk Advisors London Litigation Finance
Brandon Baer Contingency Capital New York Founder
Jonathan Barnes Woodsford London Co-Founder
Jim Batson Omni Bridgeway New York Co-CIO
Gavin Beardsell Omni Bridgeway Sydney Investment, Australia, New Zealand
Isabelle Berger Nivalion Steinhausen, Switzerland CIO
Rebecca Berrebi Avenue 33 New York Broker
Matthew Blumenstein Statera Capital Chicago Investment, Underwriting
Christopher Bogart Burford Capital New York Co-Founder
Stephen Bolster Litica London Insurance, Law Firm Finance
Olivier Bonavero Woodsford London Co-Founder
Anastasia Bondarenko Fortress Investment Group Paris International Arbitration
Régis Bonnan Profile Investment Paris Litigation Finance
Clive Bowman Omni Bridgeway Sydney CIO
Fred Bowman Therium Capital London Investment
Lisa Brentnall CASL Sydney Insolvency, Commercial, Class Actions
Jarvis Buckman Leste Determinant Capital New York Investment
Simon Burnett Balance Legal Capital Sydney Litigation Finance
John Byrne Therium Capital London Co-Founder
Matthew Cantor Pretium New York Distressed, Insolvency, Large Cap
Marc Cavan Longford Capital Chicago IP, Patent, Portfolio
Wendie Childress Westfleet Advisors Houston Litigation Finance Broker
Dai Wai Chin Feman Parabellum Capital New York Commercial Litigation, Public Policy
Allison Chock Omni Bridgeway Los Angeles Litigation Finance
Adrian Chopin Bench Walk Advisors London Co-Founder
Heather Collins Omni Bridgeway Sydney Investment
Jeffery Commission Burford Capital Washington, D.C. Investor-State, International Commercial Arbitration
Tom Conlon Harbour London Investor Relations
Mike Cumming-Bruce Bench Walk Advisors London Litigation Finance
Andrew Curtis The Litigation Fund Mill Valley, Calif. Post-Judgment Financing
Owen Cyrulnik Curiam Capital New York Co-Founder
Tom Davey Factor Risk Management London Co-Founder
Marla Decker Lake Whillans New York Litigation Finance
James Delaney Erso Capital London Co-Founder
Christopher DeLise Delta Capital Partners Chicago Founder
Brandon Deme Factor Risk Management London After The Event (ATE ) Insurance Broker
Patrick Dempsey Burford Capital New York U.S. Business Origination
Christiane Deniger Burford Capital London Investor-State, International Commercial Arbitration
Simon Dluzniak Therium Capital Melbourne Class Action, Antitrust, Insolvency
Kirstin Dodge Nivalion Steinhausen, Switzerland North America, Southern Europe, Latin America
Lee Drucker Lake Whillans New York Co-Founder
Susan Dunn Harbour London Founder
Joseph Dunn Fortress Investment Group New York Litigation Finance
Timothy Farrell Longford Capital Chicago Co-Founder
William Farrell Longford Capital Chicago Co-Founder
James Foster LCM London Investment
Steven Friel Woodsford London Litigation Finance, ESG
David Gallagher The Litigation Fund Los Angeles Co-Founder
John Garda Longford Capital Dallas Commercial Disputes
Alexander Garnier NorthWall Capital London Founder
Ian Garrard Innsworth Advisors London Class Action, Large Cap
Russell Genet Longford Capital Chicago IP, Patent
Adam Gerchen Gerchen Capital Partners Chicago Founder
Adam Gill GLS Capital Chicago Patent Litigation
Tom Glasgow Omni Bridgeway Singapore Asia Pacific, International Arbitration
Stuart Grant* Bench Walk Advisors Wilmington Co-Founder
Lauren Harrison Law Finance Group Houston Investment Counselor, Legal Counsel
Oliver Hayes Balance Legal Capital London Deal Origination, Litigation
Jeff Healy TRGP Capital Stamford, Conn. Deal Sourcing, Portfolio Selection
Louise Hird Therium Capital Melbourne Competition, Bankruptcy, Litigation
Chip Hodgkins Statera Capital Chicago Co-Founder, Financing
David Icikson Parabellum Capital New York Investor Relations
Rosemary 'Rosie' Ioannou Fortress Investment Group London Managing Director
Tets Ishikawa LionFish London Litigation Finance
Charles Jeffery Harbour London Insolvency, Dispute Resolution
Sarah Johnson The D.E. Shaw Group New York Litigation, Insolvency
Aaron Katz Parabellum Capital New York Co-Founder, Chief Investment Officer
David Killalea TRGP Capital New York Litigation Finance
Mark King Harbour London Litigation Finance
Stefan Kirsten KRD Kirsten. Risk & Disputes Düsseldorf Founder, Dispute Resolution & Legal Finance Advice
Lina Kolomoitseva LCM Brisbane Litigation Finance, inc. Insolvency, IP
Zachary Krug NorthWall Capital London Litigation Finance
Christoph Kuzaj Therium Capital Düsseldorf Complex Corporate Litigation Finance
Tanya Lansky LionFish London Litigation Finance
John Lazar Burford Capital London Investment Structure, Global Arbitration
Matt Lee Burford Capital Sydney Litigation Finance, Australia
Chris Leonardo Gilbert Washington, D.C. Lawyer, Legal Finance Structure
Matthew Lo Exton Advisors London Litigation Finance, esp. Law Firm Portfolio
Jeffery Lula GLS Capital Chicago Commercial, Arbitration, Portfolio
Andy Lundberg* Burford Capital New York Insurance in Litigation Finance
Jamison Lynch GLS Capital Chicago Life Sciences, inc. Patent
Ellora MacPherson Harbour London Managing Director, CIO
Ian Madej Asertis London Founder
Justin Maleson Longford Capital Chicago Portfolio Investments
William Marra Certum Group New York Litigation Finance, Academic
Hugo Marshall LCM London Energy, Insolvency
Jeremy Marshall Winward London Founder
Kim May CASL Sydney Commercial, Insolvency, Human Rights
Timothy Mayer LCM London International Arbitration, Insolvency, Commercial
Kevin McCaffrey Law Finance Group New York Finance
Ewen McNee Omni Bridgeway Sydney Single Party, Portfolio, Class Actions
Lara Melrose Orchard Global Asset Management London Litigation Finance
Joel Merkin GLS Capital Chicago Patent Investment
Yasmin Mohammad Fortress Investment Group Paris Arbitration, Enforcement, Legal Finance
Patrick Moloney LCM London Litigation Finance
Jonathan Molot Burford Capital Washington, D.C. Co-Founder, Academic
Siobhan Moore CASL Sydney Indemnity, Professional Negligence
Charlie Morris Woodsford London ESG, Securities, Class Actions
Hassan Murphy TRGP Capital New York Founder
Philippa Murphy The Association of Litigation Funders of Australia Sydney Litigation Funding
Rosie Murray Orchard Global Asset Management London Litigation Finance
Jack Naylor Aristata Capital London Impact Litigation Finance
Jack Neumark Fortress Investment Group New York Specialty Finance, Legal Assets
Angela Ni Parabellum Capital New York Risk Management, Data Strategy
Michael Nicolas Longford Capital Chicago Co-Founder
Elizabeth O'Connell Burford Capital New York Strategy, Investment
Stephen O'Dowd Harbour London Class Action, Competition, Australia
Akram Ojjeh Swiss Legal Finance Geneva Switzerland, International Disputes
Quentin Pak Burford Capital Singapore Asia Litigation Finance
Kory Parkhurst Harbour Wichita U.S. Litigation Finance
Mohsin Patel Factor Risk Management London Co-Founder, International Arbitration, Insurance
Molly Pease Curiam Capital New York Litigation, Portfolio Finance
Michael Perich Lockton Chicago Insurance in Litigation Finance
David Perla Burford Capital New York Litigation Finance, Technology
W. Tyler Perry Certum Group Austin Litigation Finance
Rein Philips Redbreast Litigation Finance The Hague Dutch Claims
Rocco Pirozzolo Harbour Underwriting London Underwriting, Insurance
Charline Plessis TRGP Capital London Deal Sourcing, Portfolio Selection
Ben Preziosi TRGP Capital New York Deal Sourcing, Portfolio Selection
Stuart Price CASL Sydney Litigation Finance, inc. Impact
Neil Purslow Therium Capital London Co-Founder
Robert Rothkopf Balance Legal Capital London Founder
Michael Rozen TRGP Capital New York Founder
Rob Ryan Aristata Capital London Impact Litigation Finance
Nick Sage Bench Walk Advisors New York U.S. Litigation Finance
Charles 'Chad' Schmerler Pretium New York Large Cap, Patent Litigation Finance
Grant Schrader Law Finance Group San Francisco Litigation Finance, Underwriting
Moshe Schwartz Parabellum Capital New York Investment Structuring, Pricing
Howard Shams Parabellum Capital New York Co-Founder
Ajit Singh The Litigation Fund San Francisco Co-Founder
Emily Slater Burford Capital New York Litigation Finance, Underwriting
Kristen Smith Omni Bridgeway Melbourne Australian Litigation Finance
Mick Smith Burford Capital London European Litigation Finance
Ben Smyth Therium Capital London Secondary Investment
Cristina Soler Ramco Litigation Funding Barcelona Litigation Finance, International Arbitration
David Spiegel GLS Capital Chicago Founder, Commercial Litigation, Arbitration
Ruth Stackpool-Moore Omni Bridgeway Singapore Cross-Border Litigation Finance, Asia
Tom Steindler Exton Advisors London Litigation Finance
Susanna Taylor LCM Sydney APAC Litigation Finance
Harshiv Thakerar Asertis London Investment
Sean Thompson Parabellum Capital New York IP Investment
Emily Tillett Burford Capital Hong Kong Insolvency, APAC
Marjolein van den Bosch-Broeren Omni Bridgeway Singapore Cross-Border Litigation APAC
Raymond van Hulst Omni Bridgeway Geneva Global Litigation Finance
John Walker CASL Sydney Impact Litigation Finance
Ross Wallin Curiam Capital New York Co-Founder
Justin Ward LCM Sydney Insolvency Claims Funding
Oliver Way Harbour London Cross-Border Litigation, Australia, Brazil, Canada
Marcel Wegmüller Nivalion Steinhausen, Switzerland Co-Founder
Boaz Weinstein Lake Whillans New York Co-Founder
Wieger Wielinga Omni Bridgeway Amsterdam Sovereign Award Enforcement, EMEA, UK
Aviva Will Burford Capital New York Litigation Finance, Equity
Chris Williams Bench Walk Advisors London Investment
Katharine Wolanyk Burford Capital Phoenix IP, Patent Litigation
Andrew Woltman Statera Capital Chicago Co-Founder
Ayse Yazir Bench Walk Advisors London Origination
Louis Young* Augusta Ventures London Co-Founder
William Zerhouni TRGP Capital Stamford, Conn. Deal Sourcing, Portfolio Selection
Ella Zimmermann Swiss Legal Finance Geneva Litigation Finance