The Lawdragon Process

The Lawdragon selection process has been created over 30 years of researching and reporting on the legal profession and creating lists and guides to the most effective legal professionals. Our team brings more than 100 years in the lawyer reporting and information business.

The foundation of our selection is in journalism. We research each guide extensively, studying which professionals have had significant impact, including an emphasis on recent matters handled. We accept submissions and review them alongside hundreds of candidates we identify and consider for the Lawdragon 100 Global Leaders in Legal Finance. We also work with editorial advisors to stay current on the focus of the guide and identify talent.

To make a Lawdragon guide, a litigation finance professional will have been working in the industry for a decade, with extremely rare exceptions. Many of those included accomplished significant careers as practicing lawyers before turning their focus to legal finance. It is not necessary to be a lawyer (although if one is a lawyer and remains active in the bar, he or she must remain in good standing). Leadership within the professional’s organization and stature within the professional community is assessed. Increasingly, professionals whose backgrounds are primarily finance or insurance are recognized here.

For the 100 Global Leaders in Legal Finance, we researched international funding leaders worldwide. Within each market we identified a cross-section of respected and often pioneering funders with decades of experience as well as more junior talent already making an impact in the field. An important note on our process is that it is ongoing throughout the year as we survey new fundraising, case outcome, and assessment from clients and leaders throughout the legal industry.

Submissions/nominations are an important component of our research, though they are not required. They point us to new funders and strategies in the litigation finance world, as well as new and reemergent talent.

We have reported on leaders in legal finance since 2015, when we included them initially in our guide to Lawdragon’s 100 Leading Legal Consultants & Advisors. In 2020, in recognition of the industry’s advancement and impact on the legal profession worldwide, we established the Lawdragon 100 Global Leaders in Legal Finance.

Lawdragon is an advocate for inclusion in the legal profession and searches extensively for female candidates and others who represent diversity. We are proud to be able to report on this increasingly vital segment providing access to justice in all its many forms.

Thank you for your interest in Lawdragon.