The Lawdragon Process

The Lawdragon selection process has been created over 35 years of researching and reporting on the legal profession and creating lists and guides to the most effective legal professionals. Our team brings more than 100 years in the lawyer reporting and information business.

This is our 6th edition of this guide, first published in 2018. In recognition of the central role of civil rights in every facet of life, including employment, it will now be known as The Lawdragon 500 Leading Civil Rights & Plaintiff Employment Lawyers.

The foundation of our selection is in journalism. We research each guide extensively, studying which lawyers and law practices have had significant impact, including an emphasis on recent cases handled and victories and settlements won. We review cutting-edge litigation, as well as trends in Civil Rights and Plaintiff Employment law and review the lawyers consistently turned to for guidance in those matters.

We accept submissions and review them alongside thousands of candidates we independently identify and consider for each guide. We also work with editorial advisors from both the plaintiff and defense side who specialize in the various disciplines that comprise civil rights and plaintiff employment litigation to identify and vet candidates.

While the disciplines we focus on for civil right and plaintiff employment are ever evolving with the law, in 2023 they chiefly encompass:

  • civil rights litigation
  • employment discrimination
  • workplace harassment
  • sexual harassment in employment
  • wage and hour litigation
  • wrongful termination
  • whistleblowing & retaliation
  • employment impact litigation and class actions
  • disability rights
  • LGBTQ+ rights
  • sexual abuse and assault
  • privacy & technology
  • unions and union worker representation
  • civil rights violations
  • law enforcement misconduct

In almost every instance, a lawyer featured in this guide is recognized because they bring justice to individuals (or groups of them) for harm they have suffered in the fundamental right to work and enjoy a peaceable existence where they are respected and treated fairly.

To make a Lawdragon guide, a lawyer will have been in practice 10 years, with extremely rare exceptions, and in most cases significantly more. Similarly, virtually all will be partners in their law practice or hold a designation that indicates the regard of those with whom they practice.

Leadership within their practice in a firm and or in relevant bar organizations is considered. We are fans of a small handful of elite bar organizations with selective membership criteria and vetting.

The regard in which one is held by peers is noted, and strong personal qualities are valued. We aim to include those others aspire to be and who are admired for their intellect and wisdom as well as conduct and leadership.

Lawdragon is an advocate for inclusion in the legal profession and searches extensively for female and inclusive candidates.

Thank you for your interest in Lawdragon.