In order to combat both the drop off in law school applications and fear of the unkind job market, the University of Massachusetts School of Law has taken a dramatic step by capping tuition for the next three years, the WSJ Law Blog reported.

The law school, which is a product of the 2010 merger between the University of Massachusetts Law School and Southern New England Law School, plans on freezing tuition for in-state students at $23,068 and at $30,760 for out-of-state students. UMass Dartmouth Chancellor Jean F. McCormack said in the school's press release that “Freezing fees at this moment in the law school's history, given the significant base resources that the school has started with, and recognizing that we are just beginning our journey, is the right and smart thing to do." According to UMass President Robert Caret, “the establishment of UMass Law is about mission, not money.”