A torrent of coverage has been forthcoming of today's expected decision by the U.S. Supreme Court on which - if any - of the marriage equality cases to review.

As ever, Tom Goldstein's scotusblog.com has led the way with Lyle Denniston's meticulous explanation of all sides of the dispute: an introduction, legal arguments for same-sex marriagelegal arguments against same-sex marriage, and the options. Also not to be missed is Goldstein himself weighing in.

As Goldstein observes, this is a case unlike any this court has seen. We had the same take when we covered the Prop. 8 trial in San Francisco, featuring David Boies and Ted Olson for our article, "The Romantics."

We hope the justices do what's right and accept the entire question of marriage equality, DOMA and Prop. 8 - much as the court finally grappled with civil rights in the context of school desegregation. Many observers expect the court to grant cert in one or more of the DOMA cases and not Prop. 8. 

Tens of thousands of Californians deserve the right to marry, not least the plaintiffs in the Perry case.

There is no point chiseling away when it comes to civil rights: Everyone should share the same right to marry. And no one should have to wait one more day.