Lawdragon is proud to announce the release of The Lawdragon Law School Survey. Our survey is open to all lawyers and law students to measure their satisfaction with the preparation they received at their law school. Additionally, the survey will allow measurement of career achievement throughout the profession - not just at major law firms. Are judges educated at Harvard Law School more satisfied with their education than employment lawyers who studied at Cornell? Do Los Angeles plaintiff lawyers who studied at Duke wish they had gone to Loyola Los Angeles instead? Are New York public interest lawyers who graduated from Fordham better prepared than those who went to Iowa?

Our survey also measures attorneys' and students' feelings about the profession. Is there too much emphasis on money? If they had a do-over, would they still go to law school?

We hope you will join us - and share news of our effort with all your colleagues. Our survey is designed to take just three minutes to complete. With your help and the support of the legal profession, we can begin a real dialogue about the "law school crisis" based on actual information, rather than reputation and perception.

Take the Survey!