When Courtland Reichman and Michael Coston of McKool Smith sat down to curate the trial lawyers who would be featured in "Behind the Trial," a podcast produced with Benchmark Litigation, they crossed their fingers that one name would say "yes."

That, of course, was Evan Chesler, the chairman of Cravath, and legendary litigator. And we do mean legendary. Not only because he was named a Lawdragon Legend in 2015, but moreso because of his unsurpassed success for companies including Merck, American Express and Dreamworks.

Chesler has provided the platinum assurance legions of general counsel have sought when they hire Cravath for their toughest problems – when nothing but the best will do. In his mesmerizing interview with Reichman, he reveals the humor, candor and insight that make him the cream of the crop. Among those insights are the six factors he looks at in any trial: the law, the facts, the rules, and the tactics. While those are all critical, to Chesler, his number two facet is his strategy and number one is the people.

Take a listen here and enjoy having one of the true courtroom masters tell you his secrets. Once you do, check out Part II of the interview.