Corboy & Demetrio has filed a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the family of Lion Air passenger Sudibyo Onggo Wardoyo, 40, of Jakarta, Indonesia, who was killed in the crash of Lion Air Flight 610.

The lawsuit, filed in Cook Co. Circuit Court on Dec. 24, 2018, names Boeing as Defendant and alleges the two-month-old 737 MAX 8 aircraft was unreasonably dangerous, because its sensors provided inaccurate data to its flight control system resulting in its anti-stall system to improperly engage. The lawsuit also alleges Boeing failed to provide adequate instructions to pilots on how to respond to and disengage the plane’s anti-stall system.

“Not only did Boeing place sensors that provided inaccurate data, it also failed to provide theplane’s pilots adequate instructions. It was like Boeing first blindfolded and then tied the hands of the pilots,” said firm co-founder Thomas A. Demetrio, who with Partner Michael K. Demetrio, represents the Estate on behalf of Mr. Onggo Wardoyo’s parents and three siblings.

The two Demetrios and the firm have extensive experience in airline disaster lawsuits including suits against the manufacturers Boeing and McDonnell Douglass. The firm represented the families of 26 passengers who died in the American Airlines Flight 191 crash at O’HareInternational Airport when an engine attached to a wing on a DC-10 fell off 17 seconds into flight killing all aboard; the families of 39 passengers of United Airlines Flight 232 that crashed in Sioux City, Iowa, when defective blades fractured in the rear engine of a DC-10 severing the plane’shydraulic system; and several families of passengers killed in the crash of USAir #427 near Pittsburgh due to a poorly designed rudder of a 737 aircraft.

Case Info: #2018L013820, filed in Cook Co. Circuit Court.