The Lawdragon Process

We founded the Lawdragon Hall of Fame in 2015 to celebrate those who have dedicated their lives to the law.

To be inducted into the Hall of Fame, a lawyer must have a long and impactful career of service to the legal profession. Most of those selected have been practicing law for 40 years, and in many cases 50 or more. They are revered by clients, colleagues and opponents. They are frequently leaders at their firms and or in relevant bar associations. Their contributions have shaped the law and or the legal profession in significant ways.

While many of those selected are a lawyer’s version of household names, others are held in high esteem foremost in a region or specialty practice bar.

Hall of Fame induction often comes as a career approaches its zenith. For many Hall of Fame members, there are years to come helping clients with their toughest battles. For others, it’s a reflection on a lifetime of achievement, and occasionally a memoriam.

Founded in 2015 to celebrate our 10th anniversary, we generally induct new Hall of Fame members in January, kicking off each new year. In recognition of the 2nd edition of our Lawdragon 500 Leading Litigators, we have decided to add a second induction cycle because of the overwhelming talent we would be remiss to not recognize.

While Lawdragon Legends are made up of lawyers who have made the Lawdragon 500 guides for ten consecutive years, the Hall of Fame celebrates lawyers who have a long history of advocacy, regardless of how many times they have made a Lawdragon 500 guide. To that end, we do accept nominations for the Hall of Fame.

Lawdragon is an advocate for inclusion in the legal profession and searches extensively for female and inclusive candidates.

Thank you for your interest in Lawdragon.